Thriveworks Tucson, Pima County, AZ—Grieving Major Life Changes

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Thriveworks Tucson, Pima County, AZ—Grieving Major Life Changes

Since the emergence of the coronavirus, nonessential businesses have shut down, people are encouraged to stay indoors as much as possible, work-from-home standards have been put into place, and schools are shutting down. In short, COVID-19 has impacted lives in nearly every way possible.

There is much to grieve during this time. The loss of life, certainly. There is no way to put into words the grief we collectively feel for the lives loss. Even for those whose loved ones are safe, the loss of financial stability, routine, dreams, and goals can be devastating. COVID-19 has put a pause on life as we know it and ushered us into a new life of social distancing, zoom calls, and lots of dog walks.

Thriveworks Tucson AZ, serving Pima County, understands the necessity of stay-at-home orders to reduce the spread of coronavirus and save lives. We are doing our part by working from home and offering online therapy through video counseling or phone counseling. Necessity does not make the challenges facing our community any easier, though.

If you find your mind fixated on the way things used to be or are slipping into a deeper grief, it might be time to reach out for help. If you want to know more about online counseling, or to schedule an appointment, call Thriveworks Tucson today.

Am I Grieving the Past?

Grief is most often a word used to describe the feelings after losing a loved one. While this is oftentimes the harshest form of grief, it is not the only time grief can appear. Grief, put simply, is the mourning of something you can no longer have. A loved one, a routine, or a vacation can all be lost and therefore grieved.

While social distancing and isolating ourselves to keep others safe, there is much to grieve! You might be mourning things like:

  • Change of routine
  • Loss of structure given by work or school
  • Lack of freedom to go where you want
  • Loss of autonomy (especially if you moved in with family or friends and are having to share a space for the first time in a while)
  • Lack of alone time
  • Financial instability
  • Loneliness or lack of time to spend with friends
  • Having to reschedule major events like a wedding, vacation, or graduation
  • Uncertainty about the future

As with any major life change, the transitionary period can be wrought with uncertainty, doubt, and even hopelessness. Thriveworks Tucson wants to remind you that you are strong, our community is strong, and that this is not the end. Finding ways to normalize your routine and find joy, hope, and fulfillment in the mundane are ways we can fight back against the grief to build a better tomorrow.

With the spread of COVID-19, uncertainty has spread as well. If your uncertainty and stress is starting to negatively impact your mental, emotional, or physical health, talking to an online therapist at Thriveworks Tucson can ease the transition and help you thrive.

What Does Online Counseling in Tucson, AZ Pima County Look Like?

Telehealth Therapy, as online counseling is also called, might sound new and difficult to use, but it is actually very easy! When you schedule an appointment with Thriveworks Tucson, you can choose phone counseling or video counseling.

  • Video Counseling is equally as simple. Here, you will get yourself situated as you would in phone counseling, and your therapist will send you a link to follow at the scheduled time. Follow the link and you have counseling as normal!
  • Phone Counseling is a simple way to receive licensed, professional therapy in Pima County. All you need is to get yourself comfortable with your phone and then your counselor will call you at the scheduled time. Easy as warming up your coffee! (Verification of your insurance coverage may be needed)

Thriveworks Tucson ensures every online therapy session is uniquely designed to fit your needs and goals. Depending on what you are struggling with, we might discuss:

  • How to healthily work through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These stages can affect us no matter who or what we are grieving- a person, a relationship, or even a routine. All the steps are necessary, but it becomes dangerous to your mental health when you find yourself stuck in one of the phases.
  • How to give yourself space and self-care. We all have different relationships with the people we are in quarantine with, and even if we love and get along with them, all that time together might be straining your relationships. It’s important to give yourself space during this time and practice self-care. Our Tucson, Pima County therapists are skilled at helping you get there.
  • Parenting tips and counseling to help you adapt to having the kids at home 24/7. (It’s a lot! We get it. Take some time for yourself today!)
  • Career counseling. For many high school and college graduates the spread of COVID-19 throws off their future plans. Many are entering uncertain work fields. Graduation- an event celebrated by many- is now a quiet, isolated event that seems to hold less guarantee for success than before. The shift in identity and future plans can be hitting some grads hard, and understandably so! But your life is far from over. The future might look different, but it can still look bright.
  • Anxiety and depression. Mental health concerns are on the rise with everyone social distancing and the future often plagued with questions. You are not weak or crazy for feeling elevated levels of anxiety, depression, insomnia, or bad habits. There is a way out! You can feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled even during social distancing, stay-at-home orders, and the coronavirus.

Online Therapy with Thriveworks Tucson is a great way to work through major life changes from the safety of your own home. You are stronger than the coronavirus and stronger than the changes the virus can bring. If you’re ready to build a brighter future, give Thriveworks Tucson a call at today.

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