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Most people would agree with the importance of preserving our physical health. When we get a bad rash or a suspicious mole, we see a dermatologist. When we have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, we may consult with a cardiologist. But when we feel like something is “off” with our mental health, we aren’t always quick to schedule an appointment with a mental health professional.

There are many reasons for this. Some people feel like they should be able to handle their struggles on their own. Others feel too ashamed to admit they have a problem in the first place. Some know it’s important but never make the time to actually prioritize their mental health and see a specialist.

But mental health conditions like depression and anxiety are unlikely to just go away on their own. Without professional support, mental illnesses may worsen over time, causing uncomfortable symptoms and unnecessary suffering.

This can happen to anyone, no matter their background, age, or level of success. Take actor Michael B. Jordan, co-star of the Marvel Studios smash hit Black Panther, for example. He has opened up publicly about his need for counseling for his internal struggles, especially after portraying the villainous Erik Killmonger in the 2018 blockbuster hit. Jordan has expressed gratitude for having the opportunity to unpack his emotions and work through his issues with a trained professional.

Jordan isn’t the only celebrity struggling with his mental health, and he is one of the millions of Americans who seek out counseling every single year. It’s important to remember that whatever you’re feeling, you don’t have to go through it alone. Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Solana Beach is ready to help.

Can I Benefit From Solana Beach Counseling Services?

When you have a toothache, you don’t simply endure it until the pain is unbearable. Instead, you visit your dentist to treat the pain and figure out a suitable course of action. The same is true for mental health issues — when you’re ready to seek professional support, our psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and therapists are here for you.

At Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Solana Beach, we can help you address issues such as:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • A lack of purpose
  • A sense of feeling overwhelmed
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poor body image or eating disorders
  • Relationship issues
  • Substance abuse

The compassionate staff here at Thriveworks is here for you. You’ll work with professionals equipped to help you find the root of the issues you’re experiencing and provide steps to overcome them.

What Mental Health Services Are Offered at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Solana Beach?

Here’s a list of the main mental health services offered at Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Solana Beach:

Through counseling, therapy, and/or psychiatry services, we help with a range of mental health conditions and other challenges, including:

Our providers — from therapists/counselors to psychologists, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners — specialize in a range of counseling approaches, but they’ll cater your treatment to your unique preferences and needs. They might utilize:

Could I Benefit From Speaking to an Online Psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who, in addition to talk therapy, can also diagnose specific mental health disorders and prescribe medication to treat them. At Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Solana Beach, our psychiatric services are completely virtual—making it easy and convenient for you to get the treatment you need.

Licensed psychiatrists pursue extensive education and training, including a medical degree, which gives them the qualifications to treat a wide range of disorders and conditions. They can assess your symptoms and manage a range of mental health issues on a sliding scale of severity from mild to acute.

Our psychiatry services are available online, which makes scheduling a session with a Thriveworks psychiatrist in Solana Beach, CA accessible and convenient. You can speak one-on-one with one of our psychiatrists from the comfort of your own home, either by phone or video chat. To get started, contact us to schedule your first appointment.

Schedule an Appointment with Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Solana Beach 

It can be difficult to take the time to address your mental health issues, especially when you’re in the midst of life’s hustle and bustle. This is why Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Solana Beach offers simple online scheduling so you can reserve your appointment in just a few clicks.

Or if you prefer, call to speak to a member of our scheduling team who will be happy to find you an appointment that works for you. We offer weekend and evening hours and can often accommodate same-day or next-day appointments too. We also work with most insurance companies to make sure every step of the process is simple and stress-free.

If you’ve been experiencing anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issue, we’re here to help you take control of your life again. We look forward to helping you thrive. Contact us today.

Where Is Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Solana Beach Located?

Thriveworks Counseling & Psychiatry Solana Beach is located at 990 Highland Dr Suite 110S, Solana Beach, CA 92075. We’re currently sharing a building with MD Skin & Laser, as well as Robinson Realty and Stella Labs. If you have trouble finding our office or have any questions about how to get here, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 

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Rated 4.5 overall from 10,849 Google reviews

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