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Justine had the perfect wedding day. She wore the big dress with lace and flowing sleeves; beautiful flowers filled the reception hall; champagne flowed at the black-tie affair. In the midst of the reception, Justine’s sister, Claire, notices that Justine is not happy. Despite the perfect event and the perfect day, she is not happy. “I thought you really wanted this,” Clair asks. “But I do,” says Justine. And she does. Justine wants to be happy, but she is also suffering from depression. This serious mental illness is not cured by fancy events. It is not cured by marriage or dresses or champagne. And yet, there are effective treatments. The movie, Melancholia, tells the rest of Justine’s story and her battle with depression, but her story is all too real for many people. Anxiety and depression disorders are the most commonly diagnosed mental illness in the United States.

Loved ones who just want to see their friends and family members happy can misrepresent depression as the blues or anxiety as the jitters. These loved ones, like Justine’s sister, mean well, but their perspective minimizes the seriousness of anxiety and depression. The severe symptoms and longevity of anxiety and depression distinguish them from the normal ups and downs that everyone faces. These mental illnesses disrupt people’s daily lives, preventing them from functioning well in life. And yet, experienced therapists understand the treatment options that are available to their clients—options that often allow people to overcome the cripple symptoms of anxiety and depression and refocus upon what is good and important in their lives.

The team at Thriveworks in San Diego, CA understands that depression and anxiety can rob people of life’s joy, but we also understand how to fight these mental health conditions. Our counselors and therapists have helped many people manage their symptoms so that they can live the life they want.

Recognizing Anxiety and Depression

Approximately 1 in 4 adults in the United States will be diagnosed with anxiety in their lifetime, and approximately 1 in 6 will be diagnosed with depression. While they are separate mental illnesses, they frequently accompany one another. Almost half of people who are diagnosed with anxiety will also be diagnosed with depression.

Melancholia portrays the reality of experiencing depression, but it also depicts much of the misinformation that abounds about anxiety and depression. Well-meaning people often minimize the seriousness of these illnesses, and the best way to combat misinformation is with accurate information. Depression and anxiety are not sad phases. They disturb people’s lives, and often have the following symptoms:

  1. Apathy toward life—even activities that were once fun.
  2. Negative feelings that are difficult to control, such as sadness, hopelessness, and emptiness.
  3. Physical symptoms that are manifestations of emotional pain (psychosomatic pain).
  4. Suicide idealization and/or thinking about dying.

If you or someone you love experienced these symptoms for a period of two weeks or more, they may be fighting a bigger battle—they may be fighting depression or anxiety. Consider seeking help from a mental health professional.

Anxiety and Depression’s Effects

When mental illness strikes, it often affects more than people’s mind and emotions. The illness often overflows into people’s bodies, and the effects of anxiety and depression are no exception. They can cause both physical and emotional difficulties in people’s lives. The following are some of the effects that people may experience as they fight depression and anxiety:

  • Hypersomnia or Insomnia – Difficulties surrounding sleep are a common effect of anxiety and/or depression. Some may want to sleep constantly—hypersomnia. Some may have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep or waking rested (insomnia).
  • Fatigue – At times, lethargy will be tied to sleep troubles, but at other times, people will experience deep fatigue without any sleep challenges. Fighting depression and anxiety can deplete people’s energy, leaving little space in their lives for anything else.
  • Difficulty Focusing – Negative thoughts often accompany depression and anxiety. These thoughts can capture people’s focus and make focusing upon what matters more difficult. Clear thinking is often difficult for people fighting these mental illnesses.
  • Disrupted Eating Habits – At one point in Melancholia, Justine takes a bite of her favorite meal, and spits it out. “It tastes like ashes,” she says. Many people experience disrupted appetite, taste buds, and eating habits as they experience anxiety and depression. As with sleep, people can experience an increase or a decrease in appetite.
  • Indecisiveness – Making decisions while battling anxiety and depression can take a herculean effort. Even small choices, like where to eat or what to wear, can overwhelm people.

Treating Depression and Anxiety at Thriveworks San Diego, CA

As you read through the descriptions and effects of anxiety and depression, did you recognize anything? If you may be experiencing these mental illnesses, know that you do not have to fight alone. Thriveworks in San Diego offers counseling and therapy for depression and anxiety.

If you are ready to meet with a mental health professional, then our staff is ready to meet with you. When you call our office, you may have an appointment within 24 hours. We accept many forms of insurance, and we offer evening and weekend sessions. But we do not keep a waitlist, so you will never be put on one.

Contact Thriveworks in San Diego, CA today. Let’s fight anxiety and depression together.

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