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Autism Testing and Diagnosis in Short Pump, VA at Thriveworks

Thriveworks Short Pump is proud to provide Autism Testing and Diagnostic Services. Are you a parent or caregiver attempting to get much needed services for your child? Many of the services available including speech-language, occupational and physical therapy, behavior analysis, and social skills groups, require a formal diagnosis. Alternately, you may be seeking a diagnosis for personal reasons; perhaps to come to terms with your own abilities and find ways to overcome your unique challenges.

What Is the ADOS-2? Why Choose This Assessment Over Another?

The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2 (ADOS-2) is the current gold standard instrument used to determine the presence of autism spectrum disorders. The ADOS-2 is a semi-structured assessment of communication, social interaction, play, and creative activities for individuals suspected of having an autism spectrum disorder. The ADOS-2 consists of standardized activities that allow the clinician to observe and then rate the occurrence or non-occurrence of behaviors that are linked to the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders.

While many health professionals administer a variety of screening tools for Autism Spectrum Disorders (M-CHAT, SRS-2, SCQ, ASRS, Ages and Stages, SORF, etc). these tools are not intended or validated to provide a formal diagnosis. These tools indicate the need for more formal testing, such as the ADOS-2. Thriveworks Short Pump is able to administer the ADOS0-2 for any persons 31 months and older.

What should I expect when calling to schedule as assessment?

Parents and caregivers are welcome to call to schedule the ADOS-2 for the child in question. Adults may call and initiate the process for themselves. The Thriveworks Short Pump ADOS-2 progress requires three appointments. The first appointment will include completing consent forms, release forms for other providers involved, and an intake to gather sufficient historical information. All intake appointments are conducted at the Chesterfield office location.

The second appointment will be for the administration of the ADOS-2. The final appointment is to receive the report of results, and for interpretation of the results, and discussing recommendations for treatment. When calling, only the initial appointment will be made, the time and date for the second and third appointments will be set during the first appointment.

What Happens During the Administration of the ADOS-2?

Administration of the ADOS 2 generally takes between one and two hours. Administration includes completing a variety of age appropriate activities in a structured manner. The clinician for the ADOS-2 may take brief notes throughout, and will use the ADOS-2 administration guide during the activities to ensure structured administration. Parents may or may not be present during the administration, depending on the age and development of the child who is participating. This will be discussed and determined during the intake meeting.

When and How Will I Receive Results?

Your provider will score the ADOS-2 immediately after administration to ensure that all details are remembered. A follow up meeting with the clinician is necessary for interpretation of results. Decisions regarding who should attend the follow up meeting will be made during the intake meeting.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to attend, and possibly the child depending on age and development. Adults who completed the testing will need to attend the follow up meeting. The report will include results indicating if the participant is or is not on the autism spectrum, as well as detailed feedback in regards to areas of weaknesses, strengths, and intervention recommendations.

How Much Does the Evaluation Cost?

Currently, formal autism testing and diagnosis is not covered by most insurance plans. Thriveworks Short Pump charges a flat fee for the entire process, including the intake session, test administration, formal report and follow up session. The fee can be broken up into two payments, the first being due on the day of your intake evaluation and the remainder on the day the results are reviewed, and a copy of your professional evaluation report provided.

At Thriveworks Short Pump we pride ourselves on providing thorough autism testing and diagnosis services without an extensive waiting time for either an appointment or the receipt of evaluation results. Typical wait time for ADOS-2 administration and results can be 6 months or longer. However, Thriveworks Short Pump commits to a 6-week turn around between the initial appointment and receiving results. Additionally, we offer individual counseling and social skills group therapy support should additional services be recommended at the conclusion of testing. Call (804) 205-0348 to schedule an intake appointment with an autism specialist today.

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