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If You Dread Going to Work Career Counseling can Help

Recent studies indicate that up to 50% of all Americans feel unhappy, overworked and/or unappreciated in their current jobs. If you or a loved one dreads going into the workplace right now it can be stressful and may lead to health issues like depression, insomnia and uncontrolled anger outbursts directed towards others. Career counseling is a process designed to help you better understand yourself, your talents, and what career development moves are necessary to steer your career in the right direction.

Taking it a step further, career counseling not only helps you identify your employment goals, but it also guides you in making better educational and life decisions. Factors that are considered during career counseling encompass these:

  • What are your interests and passions in life?
  • What are your abilities and talents?
  • What kind of experience do you have?
  • What is your educational background and how does that schooling factor in?
  • What type of personality traits do you possess?
  • What are your current life circumstances? For example, do you have kids?

When a job situation is dragging you or someone you care about down, eventually it filters into all aspects of that unhappy worker’s life. Oftentimes that leads to deleterious effects that impact a person’s health, well-being and damages their relationships.

Signs that You Need a Career Change

As you go into a stressful work environment day-after-day, it begins to take a physical and mental toll. Here are some of the clinical signs that indicate you need to change your career:

  • General unhappiness, especially at work
  • Feel depressed and/or anxious a lot
  • Lack of motivation
  • Can’t seem to focus on tasks, even simpler ones
  • Frequently complain to others at work, or outside of the job setting
  • Have a difficult time sleeping and may even suffer from insomnia
  • Feel like your potential is underused and underappreciated
  • Self-medicate with drugs and other substances

If you or someone you love currently exhibits one or more of these symptoms because of their job, a career change is advisable before the spillover effects get worse. The good news is that the Counselors at Thriveworks Short Pump are knowledge in strategies that work when it’s time to change.

Career Counseling Involves these Rewarding Steps

Career counselors or coaches can walk you through the self-assessment and career development process step-by-step. Some of the ways they do that include:

  • Determine why you are unhappy in your current job situation
  • Help you identify and explore your skills and strengths
  • Discuss your education and future educational and training objectives
  • Identify your interests, passion and personality type
  • Ascertain your aptitude using IQ and other similar testing
  • Find out what your career and earnings goals are
  • Determine what your at-home situation is currently like and future jobs it would support
  • Are you receptive to moving for a job opportunity?
  • Discuss your desired work environment. Is it in an office, at-home, fast-paced, etc.?

Using these methods while under the direction of a trained career coach can go a long way in helping a person find out who they truly are, what their job skills might be, and how that package best fits into an employment setting.

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