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Low Self-Esteem is Caused by Several Factors

Our self-esteem level is based upon how confident and valuable we feel, and how much we respect ourselves. Together, they affect our sense of well-being. Self-esteem can be measured on a scale from high to low, and when you or a loved one suffers from low self-esteem it can cause feelings of self-doubt, anger, shame and desiring social isolation. Long-lasting feelings of low self-esteem also can be an indication of other mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. A person’s self-esteem is mostly developed during their childhood years, and one’s experiences while growing up influence whether it’s higher or lower.

Childhood factors that lead to lower self-esteem include excessive criticism or even abuse by parents and other adult caregivers, a lack of positive feedback for accomplishments, not participating in activities that would promote a sense of purpose and confidence, or being targeted by others due to unusual physical characteristics. A person’s race, ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation, or having a learning or physical impairment are also factors. Even adults who previously had high self-esteem can find it diminished by significant life changes such as losing a job, going through a divorce, financial problems, suffering from substance abuse and other factors.

Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem Include These

When you or someone you love is struggling with low self-esteem, look for these telltale signs:

  • Negative self-talk
  • Codependency
  • Continual sense of failure or of lacking accomplishments
  • Negatively comparing oneself to others
  • Feelings of powerlessness
  • Shame or guilt
  • Physical, emotional or sexual abuse to themselves and others
  • Social or general anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trying to be a perfectionist

Even though the negative messages within our head are rarely true, those thought patterns can become so ingrained in our everyday behavior that we don’t even realize that we are acting out as an expression of those thoughts.

Effective Low Self-Esteem Counseling is Available

When you or a loved one experience feelings of low self-esteem, the goal of outpatient counseling is to address why you have those feelings, along with ways to develop an improved state of well-being. Goals are typically established during therapy sessions which are solution-focused and cognitive behavior-based. A lot of positive self-esteem counseling outcomes have also been seen using companion animal therapy. Overall counseling, also known as coaching, goals include the following:

  • Getting clients to become more assertive, confident and self-aware
  • Identifying possible client activities that will boost their confidence
  • Developing self-compassion skills leading the client to treat themselves in a kind and encouraging fashion
  • Seeking more realistic and achievable life objectives

In the end, coaching therapy sessions can go a long way in improving your or your loved one’s self-esteem level while getting you back on track to a more positive, healthier and productive life.

Thriveworks Henrico Counselors Understand Low Self-Esteem

As we’ve seen, when you or someone you care about experiences low self-esteem it can cause other unhealthy conditions. Left unchecked, low self-esteem can have a negative effect on your daily activities including relationships, at school and job performance. You don’t have to go it alone any longer. At Thriveworks Henrico, our compassionate and helpful counseling coaches understand low self-esteem and can help you overcome those feelings of inadequacy while guiding you towards building a more positive outlook on life. For more information on our low self-esteem coaching services, or how to become a certified Thriveworks Short Pump coach, call: (804) 205-3408 today or visit our Contact page now.

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