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When a couple decides to take the important step toward marriage, there are many tasks to accomplish. Wedding plans become pressing, engagement celebrations may occur, but many couples skip one of the most important steps before a wedding, premarital counseling. Perhaps your engagement has been going on for quite some time, or has just occurred. However long your engagement has lasted, considering premarital counseling at Thriveworks in Henrico, VA is a wise step for your future marriage.

There are many reasons why couples choose premarital counseling at Thriveworks. Perhaps the big day is quickly approaching and one or both of you are getting cold feet! Some of the couples who reach out to us for premarital counseling are doing so to discover if the partnership is ready for the commitment of marriage, and also to discover approaches for keeping their relationship healthy. Whether or not you have decided to commit to marriage, premarital counseling can be helpful in creating the type of relationship that is healthy and beneficial.

In some situations, when a couple is engaged and planning a wedding, they are required to partake in a specific number of premarital therapy sessions to meet the requirements of their religion, place of worship, or pastor. For others, the basic demands of the wedding planning necessitate that some more time and effort be spent on the relationship. Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful and can create friction in the relationship. While this should be a joyous and exciting time, that is certainly not always the case during wedding planning. Dealing with in-laws, budgets, different tastes and preferences, seating arrangements, and all of the other wedding details can be extremely overwhelming. Even the happiest of couples can be challenged by the unending stress of a wedding. Choosing premarital counseling at Thriveworks in Short Pump, VA can help couples overcome this stress.

If you are entering into a second marriage, there are even more considerations at hand. Blending two established families together, preparing to be a stepparent, and dealing with the unique emotional needs of each member of the family is a monumental task. Preparing for this change in advance with premarital counseling at Thriveworks Short Pump can pave the way for success in your new family. One or both members of the relationship may have residual pain and questions from a previous marriage or relationship, and dealing with those in an open and honest manner can give the new marriage its best shot at success.

Many people quote the statistic that nearly half of all marital relationships are ending in separation. Our premarital counselors at Thriveworks Henrico Virginia want to see your relationship be one that survives this figure. Thriveworks therapists can aid you and your loved one in learning important strategies for keeping basic respect and love in your relationship, even during times when things are less than perfect. In any marriage or relationship, there will be times of hardship, difficulty, extreme stress, and pain. There is no way to be fully prepared for this, but spending time with a Thriveworks Henrico, VA premarital counselor can help you prepare for the worst in the most effective way possible.

Studies has actually shown that premarital counseling can minimize separation fears and pre-marriage anxieties, but we also believe that each member of the relationship can also gain a lot from the counseling sessions for personal reasons. Better insight into their partnership, and also into one’s self has been mentioned, as well as discovering skills that will prove helpful in various other relationships.

As with most types of therapy and counseling, some of the benefits may include:

  • Confidence and assertiveness
  • Patience
  • Avoiding dependency and co-dependency
  • Having realistic expectations of others
  • Contentment
  • Developing coping skills

Therapy does not prove that you have a problem. Rather, it indicates that you are spending time on your mental health, emotional health, and making the most of your relationships.

If you reside in the Short Pump, VA area and are engaged to be married, or considering becoming engaged, you should consider premarital counseling. If you are preparing to enter your second marriage, creating a blended family, or about to become a stepparent, this is an important consideration. Thriveworks Short Pump, VA counselors are the right choice. Through premarital counseling, couples can develop important skills to connect in the marital relationship, recognize potential areas of stress, as well as discover the best ways to navigate their way through life’s challenges. Call us today to get started.

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Truly cares

I've worked with Domonique and I've seen the care and concern she provides her clients. She is invested in their wellbeing and offers clinically sound services. She is supportive, down to earth, but is also willing to tackle the tough issues, and by doing so, increases clients' growth and sets clients up for long-term success. She supported me in handling various major life changing situations.
Thriveworks Counseling Short Pump

Mary helped me see the light again!

I was drinking just to cope with my depression 9 months ago. I thought it was the drinking that caused me to be depressed and miserable. I was so in denial I didn’t see how depressed and sad I really was. I had no hope. Mary put everything in perspective for me and helped challenge me to change. She gave me a little tough love and guidance that I needed. With the help of Mary’s help, coping skills, -and medication, I feel like a new woman! Thanks Mary for all your help! You rock! ❤️
Thriveworks Counseling Short Pump

Review of Roberta Morell

I have used Roberta as a consultant for three years. Her consultations about therapeutic and ethical situations have been both professional and wise. I am a hospital chaplain at a busy hospital and for our most challenging cases, I turn to Roberta. She is responsive and empathetic. I highly recommend Roberta as both a therapist and consultant.
Thriveworks Counseling Short Pump

Mary Davis, LPC

Mary and I have worked together for the last two years. She has been instrumental in assisting me to reach my goal of being a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her clinical perspective, knowledge, and understanding of counseling principles has made an positive impact on how I approach my clients. Mary offers an abundance of education and clinical expertise that she easily shares with others. Mary demonstrates empathy, clinical knowledge, has a sense of humor, and realistic view of client needs. She has the ability to tap into the client's world which enhances their therapeutic experience.
Thriveworks Counseling Short Pump


I've worked with Caitlin Devey, and I've seen the care and concern she provides her clients. She is invested in their wellbeing and offers clinically sound services. Caitlin is supportive, down to earth, but is also willing to tackle the tough issues, and by doing so, increases clients' growth and sets clients up for long-term success.
Thriveworks Counseling Short Pump

Rebekah Lowenstein

Mrs. Lowenstein is one of my favorite people and one of the best supervisors I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Her commitment to my success as an MSW is nothing short of miraculous. She has advocated for me to get supervision from the Board of Social Work and has been next to me every step of my journey. Rebekah continues to go above and beyond for me and I have not doubt that she will do this for her clients as well. She is patient, funny, personable, competent, and one of the smartest women I know.
Thriveworks Counseling Short Pump

Best NP

I was thoroughly impressed with Kylie Wright, NP. She was patient with me as I talked and really cared about my issues. She is an asset to Thriveworks and the profession as a whole. I am so glad that I found her!
Thriveworks Counseling Short Pump


I have had depression for many years. My friend suggested I see Kylie Wright NP, which was one of the best suggestions I have ever received. Kylie took the time to listen to all of my concerns. She ruled out other medical conditions carefully, and then began medication adjustments that has been life changing. I have not been happy, less stressed, and positive I.n my thinking In years. I felt compelled to provide feedback so that others in community know the accessibility to a kind and talented psychiatric provider.
Thriveworks Counseling Short Pump

Highly Recommend

Being in the counseling field myself, I can honestly say that Christie Blaylock, the owner of Thriveworks Short Pump Counseling and Life Coaching, is one of the most dedicated counselors I have come across. I would trust her and her practice with any of my clients.
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