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There are countless people all over the world that are affected by COVID-19 or coronavirus, and are making sure that they are staying inside of their houses. While they might be calling their friends and family; the truth is that many of these people might be living alone. Even if they have roommates, they might feel as though their life is drastically different due to the fact that they are going outside much less and having less social interactions.

How do we overcome the feelings of loneliness that seem inevitable at this point? Thriveworks Short Pump online counselors can work with you to make sure that you are still emotionally healthy. In fact, there is evidence that suggests that social isolation can be as unhealthy as a serious smoking habit.

Here are some ways that Thriveworks Short Pump online counselors can help you are your loved one overcome feelings of loneliness:

  1. Create Something. There are many people that don’t consider themselves artistic – but many of these people simply haven’t given themselves a chance. There are countless hobbies that you can explore if you wanted to, and you might even consider signing up for online classes about something that you always wanted to learn about. If you’re not in the mood for online education, why not try drawing?You could also create music if you know how to play instruments, or if you make beats of some kind. If you’re not musically inclined, you might consider writing a blog post or a short story. You might not be able to explore the city around you, but you can try to create art of some kind to pass the time, and it might make you feel a whole lot better about being isolated.
  2. Learn About Something. Okay, let’s say that you don’t have any family or friends around in your city. What are you expected to do? You might want to consider picking up the books around your house that you always meant to read, but never got around to. If that doesn’t sound appealing, why not explore some podcasts? There are podcasts on every subject that you can imagine, and learning about subjects that you care about can make you feel much better about COVID-19 or coronavirus and your loneliness.
  3. Explore Online Communities. Life can be extremely challenging, especially when you think about balancing all of your personal and professional obligations. Have you thought about discussing topics that you care about with people online? This is something that you might not have ever had time for before, but loneliness during COVID-19 or coronavirus might be helped by actually discussing various subjects, and you might even end up making some interesting connections.Choose a subject that you are interested in, and look for online forums where these subjects are discussed. If you don’t feel like looking for forums that way – there are two obvious options that millions of people utilize every day: Reddit and Quora.

    You may find that you can turn your COVID-19 or coronavirus loneliness into a productive time to learn more about the world around you. There are billions of gamers in the world – so if you’re into video games, there’s a good chance that joining gaming communities can help with your loneliness, as well. However, it’s important to make sure that these forums aren’t COVID-19-related, as this might add to your own anxiety.

  4. Organize Your Life. Remember how you always told yourself that you would re-organize your house or apartment a certain way? Since you are stuck in the house thanks to COVID-19 or coronavirus why not do it now? You might consider playing some of your favorite music and organizing/cleaning to make yourself feel better about your home. If you have a disorganized living situation, it can often make you feel less fulfilled in general.

While it might not sound like the most fun activity that you can do, this is something that has real benefits. You might end up thanking yourself down the line for organizing your home a certain way, once COVID-19 or coronavirus blows over. Either way, we all know that organizing can feel therapeutic, so why not give it a try?

COVID-19 can feel absolutely crippling. You might feel as though your business is failing, and are searching desperately to find resources to make sure that you survive this pandemic. Others might have been working for months on end, and happy to spend a little downtime with the family. However, one thing is for certain: it can feel lonely to be stuck at home with nothing to do, even if you are able to call your friends and family.

Thriveworks counselors can work with you to address your loneliness and figure out some ways to combat these feelings. While online therapy might not seem like the most comfortable option, you might be delighted to find that it can improve your quality of life dramatically. Why not give it a shot? To make an appointment with a Thriveworks Short Pump therapist for online counseling call (804) 205-3408.

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