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Infidelity is all too common. Recent studies have shown cheating rates among men to be anywhere from 20-28% and among women to be from 5-15%. The reasons for why someone chooses to cheat are varied and unique by situation. It is common for a person who has been unfaithful to cite feeling neglected, misunderstood, restless, or lonely in their relationship. Poor communication that has been ongoing can lead to many different problems in a relationship, with infidelity and betrayal being among them.

When you are dealing with infidelity in your relationship or marriage, the whole world can feel like it is falling apart. The part of your life that you considered a source of peace and comfort, now feels like an incredibly stressful challenge. When someone that you thought you knew and trusted betrays you in such an intimate and personal way, it can be almost too painful to be able to function. Where do you turn for help? Couples counseling at Henrico, VA Thriveworks can be the answer for healing and recovery.

Although the old saying might try to convince us that, “Love is all you need,” this is simply not the case. Of course, love is a necessary starting point in any relationship, but healthy communication, honesty, and mutual respect are almost nearly as important. When these simple things are not present, and then betrayal occurs, hard work is needed to help the relationship recover. Thriveworks Henrico couples counselors are ready to help you create the relationship that you once had, or figure out the next steps for the most healthy outcome for each member of the relationship.

When a serious betrayal occurs, two people can sometimes work through problems on their own, but most often, couples need professional help to learn how to heal in a healthy, positive way. Harmful patterns of behavior that have been present for weeks, months, years, or even decades, are not easily broken, but real change is a possibility, even after infidelity. Working with a Thriveworks Henrico couples counselor can help each member understand their negative patterns of behavior and communication, and find ways to change them in the future.

Your Thriveworks Short Pump, VA couples counselor can help you and your partner explore many different methods for changing patterns of behavior in a relationship. When you learn the necessary tools to stop harmful interactions from happening, you can then help create the framework for establishing loving, positive actions.

Some of these ideas for change may include:

  • Recognizing and acknowledging problems
  • Identifying the source of your problems
  • Listening to your partner
  • Acknowledging and respecting your partner’s feelings
  • Being honest and clear about your feelings and emotions
  • Changing negative patterns of response and reaction
  • Developing new tools for creating healthy communication
  • Maintaining and fostering intimacy
  • Dealing with underlying psychological issues or addictions

We know that this can cause you to feel overwhelmed and in shock. But hope is available; and it is just a phone call away. It may seem hard to imagine your relationship recovering from this pain. You may feel unsure of how to confront your partner with your true feelings. Help is available. We can walk with you on this journey. You may not know what the future holds, but you can know that you do not have to figure it out alone. Thriveworks Short Pump, VA couples counselors can help you understand your pain and create a plan for recovery. You are not alone.

Our counselors are standing by, ready to help now, right at this urgent moment in your relationship. We do not have a waiting list and we have appointments available immediately. You do not need to struggle alone, drowning in pain, fear, and doubt. Reach out for help. Thriveworks couples counselors in Short Pump, VA can help be a life raft for your marriage or relationship. Call us today.

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