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There are so many different ways that anxiety affects us, while this article focusing on social anxiety, know that whatever form your anxiety takes, you are almost certainly not alone in it. Contact Thriveworks Round Rock through the online scheduler or call (512) 212-7045 to make an appointment. Whatever form your anxiety takes, we have probably seen it, and can discuss ways to help.

Social Anxiety (also known as a social phobia) is an anxiety related to being around others. More specifically, it usually is a fear of interacting with others and being found lacking in some way by them. This includes overwhelming fear of:

  • Being judged by others
  • Being noticed for having an inadequacy (real or perceived) or difference of some kind
  • Being humiliated or embarrassed
  • Offending or upsetting someone/others
  • Making “small mistakes” around others
  • Making “big mistakes” around others
  • Being the center of attention (good or bad)
  • Feeling that other people are far better than you at something (including socializing)
  • Public speaking
  • Talking to a boss/authority figure
  • Strangers
  • Feeling as if everyone is watching
  • Almost anything else involving other people

Many people cover one or more of these, or even specific combinations, such as a fear of being noticed being embarrassed. Another common one is feeling as if everyone is watching you, and waiting for you to make a mistake. In addition, the person with the social anxiety usually recognizes that the anxiety is excessive or unreasonable (although this part may be absent in children with social anxiety), and the person avoids situations where the anxiety may occur. This also usually needs to cause difficulty in someone’s life for it to be considered a “social anxiety.”

To be clear, social anxiety is not being “shy” or introverted. Shy or introverted people may be uneasy in social settings or find them draining, but are able to do them if needed, even if they don’t look forward to it. With social anxiety, people can arrange their entire life around avoiding their triggering situation and may start to become increasingly anxious prior to events that might trigger their fears. For example, a shy person may grumble and complain about having to give a presentation for work, while someone with social anxiety may find a way to become sick or otherwise unavailable, or even quit.

There are a lot of causes (etiologies) for social anxiety, some people have past trauma (such as bullying or sexual abuse), some people learn it from family members, some people have an imbalance in part/parts of the brain, or any one of countless other causes.

If you are in Austin Texas or Round Rock, give Thriveworks Round Rock a call at (512) 212-7045. Anxiety is a common problem in today’s complicated world. We have experience and are happy to help you through whatever brings you to us.

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