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Premarital Counselors and Therapists in Round Rock, TX—Counseling, Therapy

Have you ever heard the saying: “Marriage is hard work”? Despite the joy it brings, marriage presents numerous issues that may become problematic. Many engaged couples are so blissfully happy they minimize prospective troubles. That is why seeing a premarital counselor at Thriveworks Round Rock can help. Trained clinicians will help you navigate through the potential pitfalls of being married. Let’s examine the benefits of premarital counseling and some topics that need to be addressed before you walk down the aisle.

Benefits Of Premarital Counseling

1. Increases Happiness

This is the number one goal of premarital counseling. You want to be happy in your marriage. You want to avoid divorce. You want the Hallmark movie fairytale. A study in the journal Family Relations found a 30 percent increase in marital satisfaction for couples who received premarital counseling.

2. Improves Communication Skills

Communication is one of the leading problems of any relationship. People often have trouble expressing their feelings, listening to their partner, and resolving conflict. In the early stages of a romantic relationship, there is usually not much fighting because the couple is basking in the glow of a new romance. If you have been together for any length of time, however, conflict is sure to arise. Counseling provides you with a forum for discussing your feelings and allows you to practice active listening and conflict resolution.

3. Puts You On The Same Page

Individual members of a couple frequently have different ideas about the occurrence of important life events. For example, maybe you are currently living in an apartment. One of you wants to live there for a few years to save money. The other is ready to buy a house immediately. Counseling provides you the opportunity to get on the same page before you get married so disagreements don’t cause bigger problems later on.

4. Clears The Air

If you are preparing for marriage you have probably been together long enough to have found something about your partner that annoys you. Over time, if left unaddressed, that annoyance can turn into resentment. In premarital counseling, you are able to voice your concerns and resolve your differences.

5. Reduces Your Fears

Getting married is a big commitment. If your parents were divorced or had a poor relationship you might worry that your marriage will turn out the same way. By working through potential problems you can alleviate considerable premarital anxiety and be certain you are making the best decision.

Common Premarital Issues

The following are important issues to discuss before marriage:

1. Money

Money is one of the main sources of conflict in a relationship. When you get married, you engage in a legal contract that pools your financial resources and raises a lot of money questions: Who pays for what? Who manages the money? Do you keep your finances separate? Do you want a prenup? There are multiple areas of potential conflict if money issues are not worked out beforehand.

2. Sex

Talking about sex can be uncomfortable but if you don’t confront your sexual issues they are sure to cause problems. As an engaged couple, you may or may not be having sex before marriage. Counseling is a good time to express anxiety about having sex and temper expectations. If you are already engaging in sexual behavior, you can discuss whether you are sexually satisfied and what changes you would like to occur.

3. Religion

Religion is a touchy subject. You and your partner’s religious views need to be respected. It is easier if you are the same religion but what if you are different religions or do not share the same level of observance? Do you expect your partner to participate in your religion? What religion will you raise children? How observant will you be? The more you discuss religious concerns before marriage the better.

4. Family

Family can be a great source of comfort as well as conflict. At times you want to be around them and other times they can be overly intrusive. You will have to decide how much family involvement you want to have and how you will divide time between families. You want time with your family to be something you both look forward to, not an obligation you must endure.

5. Children

Children are one of the biggest responsibilities of marriage. If you can’t agree on issues related to children it is a major red flag for the relationship. For starters, do you both want children? When do you want them? How many do you want? Is someone going to work part-time or stay at home to be the primary caretaker? It is necessary to make important decisions about children before you commit to someone for the rest of your life.

6. Roles

When you are single, you take care of almost everything yourself. When you get married you have two people to split the responsibilities. Figuring out who is going to do what can be challenging. One partner may resent the other because they feel they are doing most of the work or they may be envious of the other’s role. Compromising on roles is one of the most critical aspects of any marriage.

Premarital Counseling Will Improve Your Marriage

At Thriveworks Round Rock we want to help premarital couples recognize potential problems before they occur. Our goal is for you to have a long, happy, and satisfying marriage. If you are getting married, please call us at 512-212-7045 or schedule an appointment online.

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