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Online Therapy in Richmond, VA (Shockoe Bottom)—Therapists and Counselors

Life comes with twists and turns that we don’t expect and can’t prepare for. On top of these twists and turns, we also encounter major obstacles on our path that prove to worsen our current situation. These twists, turns, and obstacles and take the shape of a mental illness, the loss of a friend or family member, a disagreement with your spouse, trouble in parenting, the list goes on. Fortunately, there are professionals who know how to help you navigate these twists and turns, and overcome these obstacles: they’re called counselors.

Most of us have far more courage than we ever dreamed we possessed.”

–Dale Carnegie

Counselors, therapists, psychologists, and life coaches dedicate their lives to this mission of helping others. They have the skills, training, and experience to help you with a wide variety of challenges that threaten your health and wellbeing, such as those listed above. If you’ve encountered a problem and you aren’t sure how to solve it, consider working with a counselor at Thriveworks Richmond.

If you’ve determined the need for counseling but you haven’t been able to commit to an appointment due to your busy schedule, consider working with an online counselor. Thriveworks Richmond, VA (Shockoe Bottom) online counselors can meet with you via phone call or video conference. This means greater convenience, accessibility, and flexibility. If you can work with these perks, reach out to Thriveworks Richmond, VA to schedule your appointment. Call (804) 980-7242.

5 Benefits of Online Therapy Counseling

Online counseling makes mental health services more realistic and more accessible for many people who can’t attend the regular in-person sessions. It can also serve as a good option for those looking for mere convenience or those who are sick of going out of their way for yet another appointment. On that note, let’s explore a few important benefits of online therapy:

  1. It makes counseling more convenient: First and foremost, online counseling is the most convenient therapy option for most people today. We’re all busy with work, with our kids’ schedules, with our spouses’ schedules, and the truth is that it’s hard to find the time for all of our appointments. Well, now you can attend your counseling appointment with ease from home.
  2. It allows you to be completely comfortable: On the same note, online counseling offers utmost comfort. You can attend your therapy sessions from wherever you please, even the nook of your couch or under covers in bed. We want you to feel completely comfortable.
  3. It’s easier to open up to a therapist online: This proves true for many of the clients that Thriveworks Richmond sees in counseling. In addition to being physically comfortable, we want you to feel comfortable opening up to your therapist mentally and emotionally. If you’ll feel more comfortable talking to them over the phone or video chat, online counseling might be right for you.
  4. It offers flexible scheduling options: Because online counseling allows both counselor and client to attend the session from wherever they need to, online counseling also comes with more flexible scheduling options! You’ll likely have access to evening and weekend sessions and you’ll also probably be able to schedule your first session for the same day that you call!

In addition to all of the above benefits, online counseling offers reliability, which you might not find in in-person counseling. This is due to the fact that you can’t control external factors like the weather, traffic, roadwork, and other externals that might affect your ability to make it to your session on time. Fortunately, with online counseling at Thriveworks Richmond (Shockoe Bottom), you don’t have to worry about these roadblocks.

Work with an Online Therapist at Thriveworks Richmond, VA (Shockoe Bottom)

Are you looking for therapy and counseling services in Richmond, VA? Do you desire greater convenience when it comes to attending your appointments? Consider working with an online therapist at Thriveworks Richmond, VA. As we discussed above, online counseling offers many benefits including convenience, comfort, flexibility, and reliability.

If you’re ready to experience the many benefits that come with online therapy, reach out to Thriveworks Richmond, VA (Shockoe Bottom) today. You can reach us at (804) 980-7242.

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