Relationship Counseling in Red Bank, NJ (Monmouth County)

Relationship Counseling in Red Bank, NJ (Monmouth County)

Relationships are all around us. From your spouse to your coworker- they are impossible to ignore or avoid. Of course, some relationships have more weight than others. Your significant other is probably one of them.

This is by no means a bad thing! How beautiful is it that two lives can collide in an array of love, trust, and friendships?

Well, that’s how it’s supposed to go anyways. And it’s still the truth- relationships are still full of all that beauty. But they can also be full of hurt, lying, and shame. The same thing that makes it beautiful (human lives interacting with each other) makes it messy.

The good news is that the messy doesn’t have to mean doomed. It doesn’t have to mean hurtful, either. With the right tools and practices, your relationship can be as fruitful and happy as it was in the beginning. Thriveworks in Red Bank, NJ has relationship counselors who are here to walk alongside both of you as we traverse the crazy world of love.

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Does Relationship Therapy Work?

More often than not, couples come to us when they are experiencing relationship problems. This is by no means the only time couples seek therapy- premarital and in preparation for a big change are also reasons we’ve seen couples- but it is the most common. Why?

Probably because you still love the person! You still want to make the relationship work. You’re still willing to fight for them and your future together. Thriveworks Red Bank admires your resolve and your commitment to each other. It is this resolve, even if it feels far away now, that will help meld your relationship and make it even stronger.

The truth is that when a relationship starts it is full of sparks and new beginnings. It’s exciting! But as time wears on, the infatuation wears off and you might even start to get on each other’s nerves. Routines are solidified, old habits rise, and you might start to feel unloved, not respected, and underappreciated.

Sometimes, these are signing a relationship is toxic and unhealthy. But other times, they are signs of something going on underneath the surface that needs to be addressed before you and your loved one can go back to a healthy, happy place.

Some common issues our Red Bank relationship counselors help couples walk through include:

  • Recovering from cheating
  • Managing busy schedules
  • Improving on communication skills
  • Learning how to live together
  • Adjusting to life changes and stress together
  • Feelings of jealously or underappreciation
  • Unmet needs for affection
  • Differing expectations for the relationship

There is never a too small or too big problem for our relationship counselors! Everything from recovering from cheating to petty arguments are important because they affect you and your health. So, whatever you are experiencing, Thriveworks Red Bank offers a safe spot for you and your loved one to heal and grow together.

What Does Couples Therapy Look Like?

Thriveworks Red Bank believes every person is unique, and that makes every relationship unique. This means that there is no one-size fits all counseling strategy. You deserve something that will fit your situation, goals, and individual personality. Every relationship has their own rhythm to it, and each one wants to grow into something different. Our job is not to judge where you are going but to help you get there in a healthy, lasting matter.

With that in mind, couples therapy doesn’t have a set of rules or regulations. A Red Bank couples’ therapist will take the first session to talk to you and your partner through what counseling will look like for you. We’ll talk goals, possible setbacks, and first steps. We strive to create an interactive environment- we are partners in the counseling process, not leader and follower. Couples therapists might be the experts in relationship psychology and know all the techniques to help you, but you are still the expert on yourself and on your relationship, and that is equally as important.

A few of the specifics we might talk about include:

  • Communication skills
  • Forgiveness
  • Action steps to create personal change
  • Talk through visions for the relationship
  • Reveal any negative emotions directed at each other or the relationship at large
  • Exploring how to best love and support one another
  • Addressing any underlying personal mental health struggles that might be influencing the relationship
  • Problem solve- Red Bank couples’ therapists are here to support you!

Relationships can be a life-giving source when they are healthy, and a toxic, life-taking source when they are unhealthy. You deserve what is best for you and your relationship. It can be hard to see what this is through the love and heartbreak of a relationship, and that is where Thriveworks Red bank Couples Therapy steps in. We are excited to meet you and your partner and start down the path of healing and growth together.

To schedule a session or learn more, call us at 732-606-4469.

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Simply the best

Zack Diamond Drake has some of the best ears around. If there is something dragging you down or simply holding you back, this individual will not only help you work through whatever it is, but help you to think through the process yourself. This, in my opinion, is the best kind of counseling there is. I would highly recommend his services.
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So grateful

Christina Ward has been so helpful to get to the heart of my issues. Christina made me feel comfortable to discuss my hard to talk about problems and helping me work thru them. I especially like the homework. Thank you, Christina.
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Counseling with David Platt

I had a positive experience during my counseling sessions with David. He was understanding and made very helpful suggestions. I would highly recommend David and Thriveworks to anyone interested in counseling.
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Very Pleased!

I have been seeing a therapist at Thriveworks for a little while now, and I am very pleased with the progress I am making as well as the insight I have gained. It truly has been affective for me. I highly recommend Thriveworks!
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Thriveworks Red Bank

Everyone needs help especially during this difficult time. Thriveworks Counseling is a wonderful place that is committed to helping those who need it!
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Great place for anyone

Great location, professional staff. Very inviting environment.
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Great practice

I would highly recommend Thriveworks for counseling. The staff is friendly and informative. The offices are very comfortable and the practice seems to hold it’s staff to a high standard of professionalism!
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Great place

If you're ready to make some changes in your life for the better, it's a great place to go! The people really care about helping improve the lives of others.
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Every visit results in positive feelings.
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If you’re looking for the right people to talk to and help you navigate through hard times, this is the place for you. Their guidance is invaluable.
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