Red Bank Psychiatrists — See a Licensed Professional in NJ

Red Bank Psychiatrists — See a Licensed Professional in NJ

Mental health issues are not always black and white; they often come with a lot of gray areas that can be hard to understand. Symptoms may differ greatly from one person to the next, and the causes of mental illness are widely variable and sometimes unknown.

Despite all the differences, one thing remains constant: Our mental health greatly influences everything we do, from our thoughts, our behaviors, and even our physical health. Poor mental health can lead to difficulty performing at work, turmoil in relationships, and missing out on the things you love most in life.

If you need help understanding and managing your mental health, a board-certified psychiatrist can provide the guidance you’re looking for. Psychiatrists specialize in diagnosing and treating many types of mental health issues and can help you make sense of the emotions and thoughts that may be interfering with your life.

The psychiatrists at Thriveworks in Red Bank, NJ are ready to help you navigate your mental health. You can book your first appointment online or call our friendly scheduling team for help getting started.

Should I Consult a Psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist can help improve your mental health, regardless of what you’re going through. From mild anxiety to severe psychological problems, psychiatrists have the tools to help you through the struggle.

Even mild onset of mental illness can interrupt your daily life. Many conditions, like anxiety or depression, can come with unexpected physical symptoms or manifest in slow and irritating ways. Seeking help for your mental health issues before symptoms become severe can help you maintain control and prevent serious problems from arising.

Some of the most common reasons to consider psychiatric treatment include:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Excessive levels of stress
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Eating disorders
  • Substance abuse or addiction
  • Panic disorders
  • Depressive disorders
  • ADD or ADHD
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Bipolar disorder

There is no wrong time to seek the help of a psychiatrist. Whether you need help treating a mental disorder or just want to improve your mental health, a psychiatrist at Thriveworks in Red Bank, NJ can help.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Health Issues

Psychiatric treatment can vary from one person to the next because it is so intensely personal. Your preferences are always taken into account at Thriveworks, so rest assured that we will work within your comfort zone.

As a trained medical doctor, a psychiatrist can help you tackle both the physiological and psychological aspects of your mental health. They’ll consider your physical health and medical history to rule out any other potential causes of your symptoms. After assessing your personality, emotions, environment, and other psychological components, your psychiatrist can offer a diagnosis. Many clients find this to be a relief because they can finally put a name to the discomfort they have been feeling and experiencing for weeks, months, or years.

Once a diagnosis has been determined, your psychiatrist will create a highly unique treatment plan for you. Your treatment may include a variety of different therapeutic approaches. Common types include psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

Therapy alone is not always enough to manage some mental health conditions. A psychiatrist may also prescribe medications to aid in managing your condition and recommend other techniques to help manage your symptoms at home. The techniques you learn during psychiatric treatment can help to curb acute symptoms and are great tools to prevent relapse of symptoms in the long term. Some of these techniques include meditation, breathing exercises, or adding more exercise to your daily routine.

When you are ready to regain control over your mental health, Thriveworks in Red Bank, NJ can connect you with the right psychiatrist.

Getting Help: Schedule Your Psychiatry Appointment in Red Bank, NJ

At Thriveworks in Red Bank, NJ, we know that mental health issues don’t always happen on a fixed schedule. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between your responsibilities and your mental health.

To help you fit psychiatry sessions into your busy schedule, Thriveworks offers appointments early, late, and on the weekend. Our psychiatry appointments are also available online so you can choose whether you’d prefer to connect with your therapist by phone or video chat.

For the times in between when you need a little extra help, we offer several membership benefits that can keep you connected from home. Providers are available by phone or email in between appointments, and you can also join our counselor-moderated community discussions or enjoy exclusive video content.

If you need help managing your mental health or defining the gray areas that are holding you back, consider connecting with a psychiatrist at Thriveworks in Red Bank, NJ. It’s never too late to reach out for help and we’re ready when you are.

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Simply the best

Zack Diamond Drake has some of the best ears around. If there is something dragging you down or simply holding you back, this individual will not only help you work through whatever it is, but help you to think through the process yourself. This, in my opinion, is the best kind of counseling there is. I would highly recommend his services.
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So grateful

Christina Ward has been so helpful to get to the heart of my issues. Christina made me feel comfortable to discuss my hard to talk about problems and helping me work thru them. I especially like the homework. Thank you, Christina.
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Counseling with David Platt

I had a positive experience during my counseling sessions with David. He was understanding and made very helpful suggestions. I would highly recommend David and Thriveworks to anyone interested in counseling.
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Very Pleased!

I have been seeing a therapist at Thriveworks for a little while now, and I am very pleased with the progress I am making as well as the insight I have gained. It truly has been affective for me. I highly recommend Thriveworks!
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Everyone needs help especially during this difficult time. Thriveworks Counseling is a wonderful place that is committed to helping those who need it!
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Great place for anyone

Great location, professional staff. Very inviting environment.
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Great practice

I would highly recommend Thriveworks for counseling. The staff is friendly and informative. The offices are very comfortable and the practice seems to hold it’s staff to a high standard of professionalism!
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Great place

If you're ready to make some changes in your life for the better, it's a great place to go! The people really care about helping improve the lives of others.
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Every visit results in positive feelings.
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If you’re looking for the right people to talk to and help you navigate through hard times, this is the place for you. Their guidance is invaluable.
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