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School Neuropsychological Evaluations in Reading, PA

Has your child had a brain injury or illness that you suspect may be impacting their functioning at home and at school? Do you feel that despite numerous and ongoing interventions at school, that your child is not making enough progress? School neuropsychological evaluations are not always needed. However, sometimes they can be extremely beneficial in gathering a more comprehensive and extensive picture of a how an individual’s brain is functioning; especially after an illness or brain injury or if your child continues to struggle in school despite ongoing interventions. A school neuropsychological evaluation can provide parents and school personnel a detailed picture of the neurological strengths and weaknesses that a child has and how this can impact his or her learning and functioning.

How is a School Neuropsychological Evaluation Different than a Regular Evaluation?

Most standard comprehensive evaluations look at primarily cognitive functioning, academic functioning, and social/emotional/behavioral or adaptive functioning. However, a school neuropsychological evaluation goes a step further. It is more in depth and looks deeper into the various processes of brain functioning. It gathers a more detailed look at each area of the brain and how it is working. The reports are often more detailed and prescriptive based on the additional information that was gathered. The evaluation is not just limited to assessment and diagnosis, but enables a more comprehensive look at evidence based and effective interventions for education.

School neuropsychological assessment looks at all the following areas:

  • General Intellectual Ability
  • Academic Achievement
  • Social/Emotional/Behavioral Functioning and Adaptive Behavior
  • Sensory Motor Functions
  • Attentional processes
  • Visual-Spatial Functions
  • Language Functions
  • Memory and Learning
  • Executive Functions
  • Cognitive Efficiency, Fluency, and Processing Speed

How Can Thriveworks-Reading/Wyomissing Help?

At Thriveworks-Reading, we have certified and licensed psychologists trained in conducting school neuropsychological evaluations. We are trained to understand the brain, how it works, and how it affects behavior and learning. Don’t allow your child to struggle any longer. Call now. We can help. Our goal is get your child the help they need in school and make a plan for the future. Your child is worth it! Let’s get your child “thriving!”

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