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Learning Disability Evaluations in Reading, PA

Do you feel that your child has a learning disability in reading, writing, or math or some other area? If you have concerns, first talk with your school. They can help provide interventions or refer for further assessment. You are entitled to a free educational evaluation and can request one by talking with the school team or requesting one by writing a letter. However, if you want an independent evaluation (see independent evaluations) or would like a more comprehensive evaluation, give Thriveworks Reading-Wyomissing a call.

What Exactly is a Comprehensive Evaluation?

A comprehensive evaluation includes finding out information about your child from multiple sources and across multiple settings (such as getting information from the student, parents, teachers, and others who may know the student in different settings). Comprehensive assessment also includes using a variety of assessment tools and strategies to find out about the students strengths and weaknesses (such as questionnaires, interviews, record reviews, rating scales, cognitive and achievement tests, projective tests, and observations, etc.). It is also important to gather this information across multiple days. It is individualized and all areas of suspected disability are reviewed, not just one area. If you get just one person’s opinion, use just one test, over the period of one day, it is only a snapshot of the student and is less reliable than conducting a comprehensive assessment.

Why is a Comprehensive Evaluation Necessary?

You may disagree with the schools evaluation, conclusions, or recommendations. As a result, a comprehensive independent evaluation is often needed to gather more additional or different information. In addition, a comprehensive evaluation is often needed to get to the root causes of learning problems. It could be cognitive, academic, or social/emotional problems that are the culprit of the problems. For example some people may believe that their child has a learning disability when in fact, it is an attention issue. Comprehensive evaluations are more extensive than just a screening and includes a child’s strengths, weaknesses, conclusions, diagnosis, and detailed recommendations.

How Can Thriveworks-Reading/Wyomissing Help?

At Thriveworks Reading-Wyomissing, we have certified and licensed psychologists who are experienced in conducting comprehensive evaluations for learning disabilities. Don’t continue to wait any longer. Call us so we can help. Don’t let your child struggle any longer! Get your child “thriving” in school!

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