Providence Psychiatry—Online Psychiatrists in Rhode Island

Providence Psychiatry—Online Psychiatrists in Rhode Island

Trauma. Grief and loss. Behavioral problems. Relationship issues. Stress. Financial concerns. Depression. Anxiety. Anger issues. We could keep going, but you probably get the point. These are mental health challenges and obstacles that stand in our way of living a happy, healthy life.

Many of us will encounter a few of these challenges in our lifetime. And we’ll probably do our best to manage them on our own. But we might find that the weight is too heavy to carry alone. 

Often, these challenges can prove debilitating. But with a little help, we can learn to manage them and lessen their impact. Sometimes, we can even make these challenges disappear. All with a mental health professional’s guidance and support.

Psychiatrists are especially equipped to help people who have fallen on hard times. They are qualified to diagnose the problem, make a recommendation for treatment, and perform this treatment, too. 

If you’re interested in talking to a psychiatrist about a problem that you’re experiencing, call Thriveworks Counseling in Providence, RI at (404) 424-9679. Here, we have online psychiatrists who can help you over the phone or video. They would be happy to assess your problem and provide you with the personalized mental health help you deserve. 

What Are Psychiatrists?

Psychiatry is the study and the treatment of mental illnesses, emotional disruptions, and unusual behaviors. Psychiatrists are physicians who learn extensively about the development of these problems and how to treat people who have them. 

There are many different influences on our health that can cause or exacerbate a mental illness. For example:

  • The state of an individual’s relationships
  • Their level of satisfaction with life
  • Their self-esteem
  • Their ability to cope in the face of adversity
  • Their support system

These factors can lead to the development of a mental health condition, like depression or anxiety. For example, if one is feeling overwhelmed with stress at work and they fail to address it, they may develop an anxiety disorder.

When a disorder does develop, or someone suffers mentally or emotionally, a psychiatrist can step in and offer their help. They can diagnose a disorder if one is present and develop a plan of care based on the individual’s needs. They can also help one get their emotional disturbance under control before it worsens. 

Psychiatric Care: Mental Health Treatment

As we just explained, psychiatrists develop a plan of care based on the individual’s need. This means they will get to know their clients before they recommend any which treatment. However, once they do understand a client’s needs, history, goals, and preferences, they can then put forth their recommendation.

Often, psychiatric care involves psychotherapy, medication, or a combination. Both of these treatments are beneficial in their own regard. For example, psychotherapy helps the individual really understand the problem, including how their thoughts and behaviors come into play. 

Medication, on the other hand, is meant to alleviate the severity of one’s symptoms. For example, harmful symptoms like anxiety and sleep disturbances can be remedied with psychiatric medication. 

Benefits of Online Psychiatry: Comfort and Convenience

Telehealth appointments take weight off of the client. They allow individuals to connect with their provider from home, from their office, or even from their car if needed. This means greater convenience. 

In addition, telehealth sessions empower people to feel more comfortable and confident in receiving their care. For many, meeting with a professional in person is more intimidating and anxiety-ridden than meeting with them in a virtual environment. 

The best part is that moving one’s appointments online does not jeopardize any progress the individual might make. Today, many psychiatrists, and other medical professionals, are well-versed in helping their clients online. They can conduct assessments (like self-reports), make recommendations, and perform medication management virtually.

Schedule an Appointment with a Thriveworks Psychiatrist in Providence

Many people can benefit from consulting a psychiatrist. They have an extensive background that enables them to understand and treat mental health problems successfully. To schedule an appointment with one of our online psychiatrists at Thriveworks in Providence, RI, please call our scheduling team at (401)424-9679. These professionals will be here to welcome you and embark on this journey with you.

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