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Alcohol, nicotine, drugs, junk food, shopping, Internet, sex, gambling – these are just a few examples of things that can become an object of addiction. Although many substances and activities can trigger an addiction, this medical condition can be broadly defined as a person’s inability to control the intake of a substance or engagement in a behavior.

Whether one is suffering from a dependency on a chemical (e.g. a drug) or from a behavioral addiction, serious consequences for health and everyday life are in most cases inevitable. Professional addiction counseling can often help prevent the ongoing damage this condition can cause to one’s life. if you’ve determined a need for professional addiction counseling, reach out to Thriveworks Counseling in Providence, RI.

What Is Addiction? What Does It Look Like?

Addiction is a complex condition which can manifest itself in many ways. Some of the common signs and symptoms may include:

  • Feelings of shame, guilt, hopelessness resulting from the condition.
  • Lack of control over one’s addictive behavior, irrespective of its damaging consequences (of which an addict may be aware).
  • Development of an obsession – an addict will go to great lengths to access the object of his or her addiction.
  • Risky behavior – many addicts engage in risky behavior to continue doing or taking whatever they are addicted to.

The Causes and Risk Factors

Addictions are not caused by a single factor – there is no straightforward answer as to why this condition develops in some people, whilst others remain immune to it. Scientists do agree, however, that a number of risk factors play an import role in understanding the origins of addiction. These risk factors include pre-existing mental health problems, genetics, history of addiction within family, gender, as well as a range of environmental influences (e.g. peer pressure).

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Treating one’s addiction is in most cases not just a simple matter of deciding ‘I don’t want to do it anymore’. Quitting can be in fact very difficult to achieve, even for individuals who are truly committed to overcoming the condition. This is why addicts should seek professional help in the form of self-help groups, residential rehabilitation programs, medical interventions or addiction counseling. Addiction counseling may prove particularly effective for those who are struggling to control their recurring cravings and face a serious risk of addiction relapse.

Here at Thriveworks in Providence, we endeavor to create a welcoming and personalized environment to treat our patients. Our addiction therapists are there to help patients work through their problems and overcome an addiction. Seeking support is an important step on the path to recovery – contact us today to arrange your first addiction counseling session with one of our expert counselors.

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