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If someone asked you to describe your mental health using one word, which one word would you use? Maybe you’d say, “Okay,” “Good,” or, “Fine.” These offer a simple answer. If you were being completely and totally honest, though, would your word be different? Maybe you’d use one of the following words instead:

  • “Low”
  • “Down”
  • “Sad”
  • “Unhappy”
  • “Unmotivated”
  • “Stressed”
  • “Anxious”

Part of being human is struggling. We all encounter challenges that negatively impact our mental and emotional wellbeing from depression to stress, anxiety, and general unhappiness. But we don’t always talk about these challenges. Instead, we say we’re doing “Okay,” “Good,” or, “Fine.” 

It’s important to open up about our mental health problems. Doing so offers perspective, allows us to obtain crucial support from others, and enables us to work through these challenges effectively. Now, sometimes talking to friends and family isn’t the right solution. However, talking to a psychologist is never a bad idea. 

Psychologists are mental health professionals who help their clients understand and manage their mental health issues. They offer a safe space for talking about one’s thoughts and feelings. They bring skills and techniques to the table that help us heal, grow, and live better. 

If you think that maybe you’d benefit from working with a licensed psychologist, say no more. Call Thriveworks Counseling in Providence, RI to schedule your appointment. We can offer both in-person and online sessions, just let us know which you’d prefer. Our psychologists are happy to meet you in either medium.

Roles and Responsibilities of Psychologists

Psychologists offer personalized treatment to their clients, which means that their roles and responsibilities can vary. However, here are some of the most common functions of a licensed psychologist:

  • Collect necessary information to understand their clients
  • Utilize questionnaires and administer other psychological tests
  • Help their clients better understand themselves and their problems
  • Work with their clients to help them improve their current mental state
  • Create and implement a plan for treatment, often utilizing psychotherapy
  • Work with other mental health professionals (like psychiatrists) to ensure their client receives the necessary treatments

The above roles are staples of the care that psychologists offer their clients. They see many different people on a daily and weekly basis, which means they are always gaining new experience that can empower them to better help you.

As you can probably tell, psychologists work closely with their clients, typically using therapy to understand and help them. In these sessions, they ask their clients to open up about what they’re experiencing and then piece together how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors affect one another as well as how they affect the individual as a whole. Then, they help their clients make any necessary changes in their lives.

What Types of Psychotherapy Are There?

If you’re thinking about working with a psychologist and you’ve made it this far, you’re probably now thinking about what type of therapy you might receive. There are different types, which are meant to help people with different areas. For example, family therapy is designed with a family’s needs in mind.

In addition to family therapy there is depression therapy, anxiety therapy, couples therapy, and child therapy. There is also trauma therapy, PTSD counseling, grief counseling, marriage counseling, and stress management counseling. There is, virtually, a form of therapy that has been created to help people with every common mental health problem out there.

While psychologists are not able to prescribe medication, they do work closely with psychiatrists who can prescribe medication. They ensure that you receive the mental health treatment that you need to get better. 

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Are you ready to make an appointment with a psychologist? Our scheduling team is here ready to support those who answer “yes.” All you have to do is call our office for assistance with choosing a day and time to meet your provider. 

We have many appointment options available which includes in-person and online sessions as well as flexible appointments in the evenings and on weekends (for both in-person and online services). We look forward to hearing from you soon!!

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