Providence Online Counseling—Work Virtually with a Therapist in Providence, RI

Providence Online Counseling—Work Virtually with a Therapist in Providence, RI

Many people forego scheduling an appointment, be it with a doctor, a dentist, or a counselor, because it is inconvenient:

  • Finding a time to attend the appointment is inconvenient. 
  • Taking time off of work to attend the appointment is inconvenient. 
  • And commuting to the office to attend the appointment is inconvenient.

Telehealth eliminates these barriers and makes these necessary appointments convenient. Online appointments mean greater flexibility in scheduling. Often, providers have sooner availability and availability in evenings as well as on weekends. This then means that you also don’t have to worry about taking time off of work to attend your appointment or commuting to the office. 

If you would like to talk to a mental health professional, but you’ve put it off because the process felt too inconvenient, consider online therapy. Online therapy is a convenient, flexible, and comfortable way to get mental health help.

Thriveworks Counseling in Providence, RI offers online counseling services. You can call us today and meet with an online therapist as soon as today or tomorrow. There are other benefits to look forward to, too—call us today to find out more or get started in online counseling!

Are There Online Options for Therapy?

We’ve already addressed this question and the answer, of course, is yes. But we want to detail the online therapy options offered at Thriveworks Counseling in Providence, RI. 

Here at Thriveworks, we offer our clients two main online therapy options. These include telephone sessions and video sessions. Both of these options are an effective, convenient way to work with a mental health counselor or licensed psychologist.

We leave it up to our clients to choose which way they’d like to meet with their provider. If you aren’t sure whether you’d prefer to meet with a counselor in telephone or video sessions, read more about the two below:

  • How do telephone sessions work? Telephone sessions are the easiest way to meet with your counselor with the least hassle. Instead of traveling to the office to meet with your provider, you’ll simply answer their call at your scheduled session time.
  • How do video sessions work? Video sessions are another option for people who want to do online therapy. This is a great option for those who would like that face-to-face interaction and prefer online counseling to be as close to in-person counseling as possible. 

Telephone and video conferencing sessions are viable options for people who want to try online therapy. Thriveworks is happy to offer these online counseling services, and we’d love to connect you with an online counselor today.

What Types of Therapy Are Available Online?

The major difference between in-person and online counseling is the medium in which it is conducted. You can make meaningful progress with your therapist both face-to-face and in a virtual setting. Here are a few types of therapy that Thriveworks in Providence, RI can offer online:

  • Relationship counseling: Couples therapy, marriage counseling, and premarital therapy
  • Mood disorder counseling: Therapy for different types of depression like major and minor depression
  • Anxiety disorder therapy: Therapy for anxiety, including generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety
  • Family therapy: Therapy for families who are struggling to get along or need help repairing their relationships
  • Grief and loss counseling: Counseling and support after the loss of a loved one
  • Trauma and PTSD counseling: Counseling after traumatizing events like abuse or natural disasters

Our online therapists can lead the above therapies and others. If you are in need of mental health services, do not hesitate to reach out.

Schedule an Appointment for Online Services at Thriveworks in Providence, RI

Thriveworks Counseling in Providence, RI makes counseling easy and convenient with our online therapy options. In addition to the convenience and comfort that come with online counseling services, you can also look forward to flexible appointment options and affordability.

There are two ways to book your online counseling appointment. You can call our office for assistance from one of our scheduling specialists, or you can use the booking widget on this page to read about our counselors and schedule your appointment yourself.

Either way, Thriveworks Counseling is happy to help and proud of you for taking this important step toward happier, healthier living. 

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Vivian provides a welcoming conversational space for exchange. She is able to listen with genuine care and when the time is right give feedback that is both empathetic and constructive. If I have to share a problem with her that might be difficult to share with even a close friend, I feel she is able to help coach me along with a patient reassurance that my thoughts and feelings will be considered without judgment. There may not always be a direct or immediate answer to what I’m working through but she is able to encourage healthy thought-habits and emotional strategies which help me to progress. I really appreciate her respectful frame of mind and down-to-earth personality, they make talking with her worthwhile.
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