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Most of us think we know what depression looks like from movies, commercials, and the news. And thankfully, a lot of the stigma behind the subject is slowly fading as mental health services are becoming recognized as a vital part of overall wellness. But do you think you take care of your mental health with the same care and concern as you do your physical health? 

Many people might experience prolonged sadness, anxiety, or fear, but keep it to themselves. They can be afraid of sharing something that’s bothering them, oftentimes because they don’t wish to be judged. Depression is a serious mental health issue that can sneak up on us if we’re unaware of what it looks like. Even though depression can manifest in different ways for everyone, some general signs of depression are: 

  • Feeling distant from loved ones and friends 
  • Decreased work performance
  • Lack of interest in sex, hobbies, or relationships 
  • Feeling chronically fatigued
  • Abusing drugs and alcohol to cope with emotional pain 

It’s easy to see why depression might be hard to talk about. But ignoring it could make its effect on your life even more powerful. At Thriveworks in Pearland, TX, we believe that depression therapy is a way to take matters back into your own hands and start reclaiming your life. If you think you could benefit from talking to one of our depression therapists, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Depression Symptoms and Treatment 

Depression is about more than feeling constantly miserable. For some, it becomes a taxing cycle of ups and downs or a sense of emotional numbness that harms both themselves and those around them. Depression can be triggered by difficult themes, such as: 

  • Breakups 
  • Divorce 
  • Financial issues 
  • Death 
  • Undiagnosed mental health conditions 
  • Chronic health conditions 
  • Stress from work or your home life

Don’t be concerned if what’s causing your emotional disturbances hasn’t been listed. There are many different ways through which depression is triggered, and diagnosing yourself or someone you know with a mental health condition like depression isn’t possible. However, speaking with, and receiving treatment from a mental health professional at Thriveworks can be a productive part of the recovery process. 

While both our psychologists and psychiatrists can treat depression, the treatment plan will be unique to the individual and their specific needs. For those who find more benefits from talk therapy, attending online or in-person therapy sessions with a psychologist might be a better option. 

Those whose depression is manifesting differently or is more disruptive to their everyday life might be matched with one of our psychiatrists. Psychiatrists can conduct therapy sessions as a psychologist can; the difference is that psychiatrists are also medical doctors who use their expertise to prescribe helpful medications that counteract the damaging effects of behavioral and mood disorders like depression. 

Should I Seek Therapy for Depression?

Seeking mental health services is a highly personal choice, and it’s one that’s ultimately up to you to decide. But when you choose to prioritize your mental health through Thriveworks, you’re going to be supported by our scheduling specialists as they use your feedback to help you find a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist that’s right for you. 

Even though depression is unique for each client and will affect everyone a little differently, mental health professionals recognize several different varieties of this mood disorder. Some of the most common types of depression are: 

  •     Postpartum depression: Postpartum depression is a mood disorder that arises after a woman gives birth. Women who undergo caesarian sections or experience a miscarriage are even more likely to experience this type of depression.
  •     Major depressive disorder: This condition captures the popular perception of depression. Those with major depression experience emotional detachment and hopelessness. These factors usually take away from their work, relationships and hobbies. 
  •     Minor depression: As the name suggests, minor depression is related to major depression—it’s typically severe in its effect and duration. Still, those with this condition will seem distant, withdrawn, or overwhelmed with sadness. Minor depression can be harder to detect. 
  •     Bipolar Disorder: This mental health condition can alter someone’s emotions wildly, ranging from elation in one moment to overwhelming despair in the next. Those with bipolar disorder might find it hard to maintain close relationships or jobs due to their unpredictable mood swings. 

Depression can present itself in many different ways, so it’s important that those who may be suffering from this condition understand that the mental health professionals at Thriveworks in Pearland, TX can assist them. 

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We value your mental wellbeing and personal growth more than anything, and that’s reflected in our commitment to provide you with the best possible mental health care. And if you choose to enroll with Thriveworks in Pearland, TX, we offer industry-leading perks, like: 

  • 24/7 ask-a-coach Q&A
  • A Free E-book, “Leaving Depression Behind” and other electronic resources
  • Online therapy options, which could make talking about something as difficult as depression easier
  •  Exclusive video content from Thriveworks 

If you’re tired of the way that depression is affecting you, we encourage you to reach out to us. It’s never too late to discover the benefits that mental health services at Thriveworks can provide. Depression doesn’t have to rule your life—we can help you manage it and start thriving.

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