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David loves his family. It’s obvious— from his social media accounts to the way that he meticulously tracks down a killer gift for everyone’s birthday. But when he attends family gatherings, David feels anger and anxiety rise in response to verbal abuse and hazing that he has quietly endured for years. As an adult, he feels like these unresolved issues make family events exhausting. Even though he’d like to address what he’s feeling on the inside, the relatives that have hurt him are closed off to communicating about the issue. David’s only method of coping is to continue on as normal. 

No family is perfect—countless comedy movies and soap operas show us that much. Yet despite how deeply ingrained family problems are in our society, we really don’t like to talk about them much. Though films like Meet The Faulkers or National Lampoon’s Vacation might make us laugh, it can sometimes seem like they’re pointing out uncomfortable truths about our relatives: the fact is, we don’t always get along. 

But even if no relationship or connection can exist without occasional conflict, there are times when even family members can cross boundaries of respect, and lines of communication can degrade into resentment and hostility. It doesn’t mean that the situation is hopeless, but soured family dynamics can be cumbersome to navigate without proper guidance and methods. 

Families who could benefit from family therapy might be encountering the following: 

  • An inability to communicate, with many attempts to converse turning into full-blown arguments
  • Children or teens acting out of character as a response to negative dynamic at home 
  • Alcohol or drug abuse, possibly as a response to external stress
  • Undiagnosed mental health conditions for one or more family members 
  • Relationship difficulties between parents 
  • Verbal or physical altercations or verbal and physical abuse 
  • Anxiety during or before family get-togethers 
  • Unresolved tension between relatives

If you’re experiencing any of the above situations, the therapists and psychiatrists at Thriveworks know how to help. We also get how important family is to you. That’s why we offer family therapy; it’s a form of group therapy that focuses on reconnecting you and your loved ones. We don’t want to take away from the close nature of those relationships; we want to work with you to preserve them. Families can be a source of support, love, and happiness. With the tools that family counseling can provide, you and the ones you love can begin to move forward together. 

Understanding Family Therapy  

Family therapy is a way for relatives to simultaneously interact with a therapist. Like other forms of relationship counseling like couples or marriage therapy, family therapy’s aim is to create new methods of communication and to establish clear boundaries for the individuals involved. It might seem invasive on the surface, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Families often feel like scheduling an appointment could signify that they can’t make things work, or that there’s something wrong with them. 

Our Thriveworks team in Pearland, TX believes that seeking family therapy is a proactive measure. It shouldn’t be viewed as something that will damage your relationships further, but instead can assure they’re preserved. Our therapists will team up with you to: 

  • Foster understanding and compassion between family members— not resentment or bitterness 
  • Respect for each other’s boundaries and needs 
  • Resolve tension and establish trust 
  • Help relatives learn to compromise

Family therapy is a sign that you’re all willing to take the steps needed to preserve the bonds you share. Breaking down the walls that are dividing you is a process that can be made easier through our mental health services at Thriveworks. 

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Even if you’re not sure if family therapy will benefit you, we encourage you to reach out to us. While all families will go through trials and tribulations, navigating them alone isn’t always helpful or necessary. Thriveworks in Pearland, TX has mental health professionals who can help and give you and your loved ones the much-needed boost you need to move through difficult times. 

We have scheduling specialists available 7 days a week. Additionally, we offer weekend and evening booking options so everyone in your family can find time to attend. Plus, with our popular online therapy option, getting the professional assistance that your family needs has never been easier. 

Family problems aren’t always as humorous in real life as they are in cinema. While connections based around love and respect are often cherished, they also are often neglected. Don’t let harbored feelings of anger and mistrust get in the way of quality time spent with relatives. We understand that you don’t want negative emotions and dynamics to control your life. Our Thriveworks team in Pearland, TX hopes you’ll entrust them to help your family heal.

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