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At Thriveworks, recognizing the stigma surrounding issues of mental health is just part of what we do. It’s important that we know the ways in which people feel limited by what themselves and others may think if they decide that something they’re experiencing needs to be addressed by a mental health professional. Some people are reluctant to go to therapy because of their fear of being judged; another reason is that they may feel like talking about an issue might make it more real or cause it to manifest more visibly in their life. 

The truth is that we cannot solve our mental health issues by ignoring them. Like most problems, avoiding them doesn’t make them go away; they’ll just get worse. At Thriveworks in Pearland, TX, we understand that it’s hard to know when seeking mental health services is necessary. While feeling overwhelmed or emotionally drained is common, the problem occurs when these feelings persist. Over time, different areas of our lives can begin to suffer when we neglect our mental health. Signs of mental health concerns include:

  • Constant fatigue 
  • Unusually short temper 
  • Feeling withdrawn or anti-social 
  • Feeling depressed for days at a time 
  • Unresolved traumatic events or turmoil in relationships that detract from your quality of life
  • Difficulty relaxing or sleeping 

If you’re struggling yourself with the above mental health concerns (or another concern that isn’t on this list), consider talking to a psychologist at Thriveworks Counseling in Pearland, TX. These mental health professionals can assess your problem and then help you address and manage it. To get started, just call our office or use our online booking widget.

Psychologists: What Do They Do? Who Can They Help?

Our mental health professionals have the resources and experience necessary to help you find a fresh start. That’s often where our nationwide team of psychologists steps in. If you’re unfamiliar with what a psychologist is, here’s some background: 

  • They’re licensed therapists who have experience treating multiple mental health issues 
  • They often conduct both individual and group therapy sessions
  • Psychologists help their clients develop coping mechanisms and ways to process difficult situations or thoughts

These are just a few of the many things that our psychology team in Pearland, TX can do. While it’s part of a psychologist’s job to think critically about what their clients are experiencing, it’s also important that clients feel comfortable expressing what’s really bothering them. At Thriveworks, our mental health professionals aren’t interested in passing judgment, and they understand that you’re a unique individual. 

Seeking mental health services doesn’t mean that you’re less capable, or dependent on anyone. We believe that it’s a sign of resourcefulness and strength to reach out for therapy; we also know that anyone can benefit from talking with one of our therapists. Some of the most common mental health concerns and issues that our psychologists help clients with are: 

  • Depression 
  • Loneliness
  • Coping with the death of someone close 
  • Relationship issues
  • Child and adolescent challenges 
  • Anxiety
  • Anger issues

If any of these topics seem like something that you or someone you know is dealing with, we encourage you to speak with our scheduling specialists about the next steps. And if you’re not seeing an area of concern that you’d like to have addressed by a psychologist at Thriveworks, don’t be worried. Our team in Pearland, TX will assist you every step of the way. 

Will I Benefit From Seeing a Psychologist?

As we said previously, anyone can benefit from seeing a psychologist. We’re not just boasting—we genuinely believe that opening up to the expertise and insight of a licensed mental health professional is a valuable resource that shouldn’t be stigmatized. Our psychologists at Thriveworks in Pearland, TX can help you find ways to: 

  • Manage stress and navigate uncomfortable situations or thoughts 
  • Learn to compromise in your relationship and foster compassion for others 
  • Help regulate intense emotions like anger or anxiety—and learn to express them in healthy ways 
  • Cultivate a positive mindset with an emphasis on personal growth and development 

Schedule an Appointment With a Psychologist at Thriveworks in Pearland, TX

No one is perfect—and life is hard enough as it is. Our office in Pearland, TX is here to assist you with every part of the process. Our scheduling specialists can match you with the right psychologist and find the appointment times that fit best into your schedule. When you choose therapy through Thriveworks, you’ll be getting access to: 

  • 24hr life coach q&a
  • Your provider between sessions as needed via phone and email
  • Our Therapy Buddy app and a copy of “Leaving Depression Behind”
  • Online therapy options (phone and video)
  • Flexible cancellation options 
  • Evening and weekend sessions that match your busy schedule

There’s a reason why people all over the country are turning to our industry-leading psychologists to start making a difference in their lives. By connecting with a trained mental health professional, our clients form a connection that’s focused on results. There’s no reason to deal with mental health issues by yourself. If you’d like to start making a change in your life, call Thriveworks in Pearland, TX to team up with one of our psychologists today.

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