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You might be familiar with relationship counseling; perhaps you’ve seen it in a televised drama, or heard offhand about it signifying the end of the road for the people who seek it. It might even be hard for you to imagine yourself or your partner ever needing to seek help from a therapist to resolve the differences between you: After all, it’s your relationship right? 

The truth is that while the relationship certainly is your own, there could be harmful habits and insecurities that you and your partner are attached to. This doesn’t mean that you don’t love each other, but being vulnerable takes a lot of bravery, and often we do our best to maintain a layer of defenses to avoid getting hurt.

Relationship counseling can be beneficial for establishing the importance of vulnerability, and while talking to a counselor about your private life can seem invasive, it might actually be a way for both of you to feel more comfortable being vulnerable and open with each other. Though it’s possible that some of these defense mechanisms have been helpful for you both to get to where you are in life, sometimes our habits from the past have to change to meet the needs of the present. Signs that you and your partner might have issues that could be resolved through relationship counseling include: 

  • Arguments that escalate quickly and aren’t resolved 
  • Passive-aggressive behavior that inhibits communication 
  • Hurtful comments or actions that aren’t addressed
  • Infidelity 
  • Feeling emotionally distant 
  • Lack of interest in physical intimacy, or anxiety about sex 
  • Lying or manipulation 

If you’ve experienced any of these signs, it’s possible that both of you could benefit from seeing a relationship counselor at Thriveworks in Pearland, TX. 

Do We Need Relationship Counseling? 

Deciding to seek counseling for your relationship or marriage can feel like a sign of defeat. As we’ve said before, it’s not. Being vulnerable with a relationship counselor can establish new ways for both of you to connect and having a third party with no stake in your relationship can help, too. Relationship counseling can assist partners to: 

  • Establish healthy boundaries for communication 
  • Rebuild trust after infidelity or dishonesty 
  • Rekindle sexual intimacy 
  • Regulate their anger or stress 
  • Highlight the importance and need for compromise in their relationship

Sometimes, only one partner is interested in seeking mental health services to assist them. Loved ones can be resistant to relationship counseling for a variety of reasons, one of them being that they’re worried about being blamed or judged by the relationship counselor. It’s essential to understand that the relationship counselors at Thriveworks aren’t trained to pick sides or pass judgment on their clients. Their mission is to put both of your mental health needs first and work with you to find the coping methods and strategies you need to enjoy a better relationship with your partner. 

See a Marriage or Relationship Counselor in Pearland, TX

There’s no need to feel guilty or embarrassed about seeking mental health services; relationship and marriage counselors are licensed professionals who want what’s best for you and your partner. 

To make things easier, our goal is to ensure that every individual who turns to Thriveworks for help experiences the best in mental health care services. We value your relationship just like you, and we’re committed to doing what we can to ensure that it succeeds. Our industry-leading benefits include: 

Online Therapy: You and your partner might travel or work frequently; you might not even be living together at present. That’s why online therapy is such a great tool. Don’t let physical distance keep you and the one you love apart. Attending an online session just requires solid internet and somewhere private to talk with your counselor and partner 

Same day booking and cancellations: Don’t pay extra for missing your appointment, and get the flexibility to book when you need it most. 

Life coach Q/A chat: Don’t wait in-between sessions for expert advice. Reach out to a Thriveworks life coach for valuable advice and information with our Q/A chat line. 

Scheduling assistance 7 days a week: Our scheduling specialists are available every day of the week, helping you find the right counselor to fit your needs and the schedule that fits both of your lives. 

While no therapist can magically fix the issues that are at play in your relationship (or any relationship), our team of mental health professionals can provide their support. With our nationwide array of licensed therapists and counselors, finding the help you need has never been easier. If you’re ready to put your relationship first, choose Thriveworks in Pearland, TX to help show you the way.

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