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Anxiety and depression are very common mood disorders in the United States. In fact, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, approximately 1 in 4 adults will deal with some form of anxiety during their lives. For depression, the ratio is 1 in 6 adults. In addition, research shows that nearly half of the people diagnosed with depression will also be diagnosed with some form of anxiety at the same time.

Having anxiety is more than the occasional feeling of worry and depression is more than simply feeling down once in a while. Depression and anxiety are mood disorders that include continuous intrusive thoughts that make it challenging to live a regular life. You may have anxiety or depression if you have a feeling of fear or irritability with you almost constantly, a nagging idea in your mind that you need to be working harder, doing more, being better.

Anxiety and Depression Affect the Body

Anxiety and depression are mood disorders that affect how we feel and think. However, these disorders may also have physical symptoms that appear at different times. Some symptoms of anxiety and depression are:

  • Irregular Sleep Patterns – Anxiety and depression can cause you to have insomnia, where you lay down at night with your mind racing and simply can’t fall asleep. You may also experience times where you constantly oversleep.
  • Feeling Fatigues or Listless – Even when you sleep through the night, you may go throughout your day feeling weary, like all of your energy has been depleted. This can be a common feeling in those dealing with depression and anxiety. This feeling of being ‘spent’ may also include slower movements and reaction time.
  • Inability to Focus – The negative thoughts associated with anxiety and depression that constantly disturb you may also contribute to lack of concentration. This inability to apply yourself to a task can make simple problems more complex.
  • Sporadic Eating Habits – When dealing with anxiety and depression, your appetite might seem like a pendulum. There may be times where you want to stuff yourself with ‘comfort foods’ to help you feel better. At other times, you might have no desire to eat anything.
  • Indecisiveness – Anxiety and Depression may make it difficult to make decisions. In some cases, you may overthink every detail of a decision, which prevents you from moving ahead. At other times, you may simply give up and not apply yourself at all.

Facing Trials With Hope

Thriveworks counselors are available to help you deal with your depression and anxiety. We understand the challenges you’re facing in dealing with these mood disorders. Our North Andover counselors have a compassionate nature and desire to see you improve. They partner this desire with years of training, education, and experience. This combination provides the drive to work with you on developing a unique treatment strategy for you, a blueprint that will allow you to build the new life you want, one step at a time.

Find Out How Thriveworks can Help

At Thriveworks, our experienced and caring professionals are available now to help you and others in North Andover MA who may be suffering with anxiety and depression. We want to help you address those invasive thoughts that are troubling you. We want you to have a life with more peace and joy.

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