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Strength is one’s capacity to endure hardship. Now, this does not mean that strength is carrying a huge load by oneself, or that strength is inserting oneself into difficult situations and just bearing it. In fact, it often means the reverse.

Strength is often reaching out for help or assistance. It’s acknowledging that you can’t sustain the weight of the load you are carrying—at least not alone. It’s asking for help, despite any fear or reservations. Thriveworks Miami Counseling recognizes the strength that it often takes to ask for help, especially when it comes to personal challenges such as those that affect one’s mental health. Perhaps more importantly, we are here to fill that need and provide you with the help and support that you might be looking for.

Healing takes time, and asking for help is a courageous step. –Mariska Hargitay

Receiving help is sometimes essential. One person might need help in deciding on which career path they should pursue or in managing stress at their current workplace; another person might need some help identifying and managing a mental illness that they have developed; and another might need help in working through relationship issues with his or her spouse. There are many different areas of our life, of which prove important to the overall trajectory of our happiness and our success. If you ever need some help in improving any given area, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional. You might even consider reaching out to a professional at Thriveworks Miami Counseling. We’ll set you up with a counselor or therapist who has the right background and expertise to help you!

What Kind of Therapy Is Offered at Thriveworks Miami Counseling?

The issues and challenges that we might run into in any given day, week, or month are infinite. Marital issues, hard-to-manage emotions, an overwhelming amount of stress, grief and loss, trauma. We could continue to build out this list but the point is this: Whatever you are going through, there is likely a specific counseling service that is made to help you work through that given challenge. For example, consider the following mental health services offered at Thriveworks Miami Counseling:

  1. Couples therapy, marriage counseling, and other relationship help: Expert relationship help in couples therapy and marriage counseling can assist couples as they work through the issues that plague their relationship. For example, infidelity, jealousy, financial strife, and other problems can throw off the balance of our once healthy dynamic. Fortunately, marriage counselors and couples therapists can help to restore the balance.
  2. Individual counseling: Individual counseling aims to help individuals work through their personal (or sometimes professional) challenges. For example, one might be experiencing depression or anxiety symptoms and need help managing their illness. Another individual might need help managing their stress at work.
  3. Family therapy: Family therapy is another mental health service offered at Thriveworks Miami Counseling that is designed to help families work through problems that affect the family as a whole as well as family members on an individual level. Families might seek a counselor’s help in working through a history of trauma, bad communication habits, mental illness, and so on.

Thriveworks Miami Counseling is proud to offer marriage counseling, couples therapy, individual counseling, family therapy, and additional mental health services. Additional services include child therapy, stress and anger management counseling, trauma therapy, and addiction counseling. We’ll help you live a happier, more successful life. And we will determine which therapeutic approach and/or techniques will help us get you there.

Work with a Counselor, Therapist, Life Coach, or Psychologist at Thriveworks Miami

Thriveworks Miami Counseling is designed to stand out from other local counseling centers. We strive to provide our clients with an extraordinarily positive experience from start to finish, starting the second they schedule their appointment. We have determined a few important needs that bolster one’s counseling experience, including more flexible counseling options and quicker scheduling. This is why we provide the following:

  • Fast scheduling, whether you schedule online or call our scheduling team
  • Online therapy options, via video or telephone
  • Flexible appointments, such as those on the weekends and in the evenings

Thriveworks Miami Counseling is happy to offer the above, as we know that it will help to improve your counseling experience. To begin experiencing these benefits for yourself, reach out to Thriveworks Miami today to schedule.

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