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The psychologist Albert Ellis once stated, “The art of love is largely the art of persistence.” Being persistent doesn’t mean having the same argument with your spouse over and over again. It doesn’t mean being stubborn. Maybe it means holding on to what made you first fall in love with your significant other, even when you’re in the midst of conflict. Maybe it means continuing to assert your healthy boundaries. Maybe it means continually encouraging your significant other in their endeavors. And by and large, maybe it means not giving up on each other and what you have together, even when the relationship feels strained. 

Licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFTs) and other mental health professionals trained in relationship issues can help couples who are going through life transitions or experiencing internal distress. Marriage and family therapy at Thriveworks in David, FL is a way to facilitate difficult conversations and reinforce existing strengths. Every relationship, just like every individual, has its blindspots. A Thriveworks couples therapist can act as a guide toward clarity and mutual wellbeing.  

Does Couples Counseling Really Work?

Whether relationship therapy “works” depends on peoples’ reasons to seek marriage counseling. Couples come to therapy sessions with diverse goals, personalities, and coping strategies. They may want to resolve conflicts or seek help for someone’s substance use issues. They may be having difficulties co-parenting young or adult children. They may be having blended family issues, or problems in the bedroom. 

Whatever their specific goals may be, the vast majority of partners feel satisfied with the results of couples counseling. Married couples, long-term partners, and other types of couples get from couples counseling what they put into it. At Thriveworks in Davie, FL, when significant others are willing to be honest and do the work, amazing things can happen. 

Why Is Relationship Therapy Important?

Relationship therapy is important because it can transform the way couples see each other and interact. It can help significant others see issues from the other person’s perspective. It can build compassion and understanding. And it can enhance communication skills. Couples seek marriage counseling for a wide variety of reasons, including the following:

  • To reduce daily conflicts and tension in the household
  • To stop having the same fight 
  • To establish healthy boundaries
  • To manage anger
  • To express sexual desires
  • To heal after infidelity
  • To manage life transitions
  • To cope with empty nest syndrome
  • To support each other through infertility
  • To identify individual mental health conditions that are affecting the relationship
  • To process trauma together
  • To cope with grief together

Through the secure process of couples therapy, significant others can gain insights into their relationship dynamics, thereby growing as a couple, and as individuals. The lessons learned in therapy can endure throughout one’s life and be applied to other relationships as well. 

Can Therapy Help Me Decide If I Want to Stay in My Marriage?

Therapy is often clarifying for people. It might illuminate their values, their desires, and their goals in life. So in that sense, yes, therapy might help someone decide whether their intimate relationship is working or not. At least, marriage therapy can help diagram the work that needs to be done for a relationship to thrive. Whether or not that’s doable for each party is a personal decision. 

A qualified marriage counselor like the ones at Thriveworks in Davie, FL might help a couple figure out how their values align and how they might mismatch. The therapist might point out strengths instead of weaknesses, and encourage partners to remember why they got together in the first place. There might be ways to resolve lifestyle differences and preferences without separation or divorce. 

What Is the Process and Techniques of Couples Counseling?

The LMFTs, counselors, and psychologists at Thriveworks in Davie, FL may use a number of different methods to help couples achieve their goals and enhance relationship satisfaction. These methods include:

  • Emotionally focused therapy (EFT)
  • Gottman method
  • Substance abuse or addiction counseling
  • Solution focused therapy
  • Depression counseling
  • Anxiety therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Narrative therapy

It may become clear during these sessions that one partner needs to find a therapist who can help them with individual issues that are affecting the relationship. 

Work Through Your Conflicts with Marriage Counseling at Thriveworks in Davie, FL

Couples therapists at Thriveworks in Davie, FL are recruited from the top 4% of providers in the Miami area. They also accept most major forms of health insurance coverage. This means that Thriveworks clients get the most premium relationship support at the most affordable prices. New clients can also meet with counselors quickly, usually within 24-48 hours of their initial call. And they can access their counselors by phone or email between sessions.

Thriveworks relationship therapists can meet with couples online or in-person at the modern office, depending on what’s most comfortable and convenient for the client. Call today to schedule your first session. We look forward to helping you and your partner.

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