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Mental Health in Miami, FL—Coaches, Therapists, and Counselors

Think about all the professionals that contribute to people’s health. When people are injured or sick, they can go see their primary care physician. When people want to go physically stronger or drop a few pounds, they can utilize the services of a coach or a trainer. When people need to control their diet, a nutritionist can help. And more and more, people are going to see a therapist, counselors, or coach when they are facing challenges that affect their mental health. Much of the stigma that once plagued clients of mental health professionals is melting away, and because this is the case, many people are reaching out for the help they need. They are living the life they want, not the life their mental challenges dictate.

“I am bipolar, and I am proud. And that is why I wanted to write a book.
To shine a light on mental illness, to be vulnerable about the days I let it take control and paid for it, and to tell anyone fighting a similar battle:
You are not alone. You are not broken.” —AJ Lee

Thriveworks Miami has an experienced, committed, and kind staff who has walked alongside many clients as they tackle fears, overcome anxieties, fight for treatment, and pursue their goals. Mental health is worth fight for, and no one has to fight alone.

What Can Therapy Look Like?

The most important part of any therapy is the client who is seeking help. First and foremost, therapy looks like what the client needs it to look like. At Thriveworks Miami, each individual who walks through our doors has a unique perspective and faces unique circumstances. Therefore, each client gets an individualized treatment plan.

Clients and counselors work together to clarify goals for their time together. Clients have the opportunity to let their therapist know what is happening in their lives, what challenges they are facing, and how they are feeling about their lives. Therapists may ask questions about each client’s family, career, physical health, relationships, mental health, and/or spirituality. With this information and with this mutual relationship in place, therapists will offer their expertise about next steps.

  1. For clients who are experiencing the residual effects of trauma or a diagnosis like Bipolar, their treatment plan may zero in upon healing. These clients may draw upon their therapist’s experience and training to find the issues cause and build healthy coping skills.
  2. For clients who want to reach a professional or personal goal, their treatment plan may zero in upon self-discover. What are their strengths? Weaknesses? Dreams? Fears? Together with their therapists, they can often learn relational and coping skills they need to achieve their dreams.
  3. For clients who want to rid themselves of an unwelcomed compulsion like an addiction, their treatment plan may focus upon taking back control. They may need to accept the consequences of their choices, reach out for accountability, and learn how to connect in a healthy way.

As you can see, therapy can look very different depending upon what each client is facing. A few of the realities clients at Thriveworks Miami have faced include…

  • Career advancement
  • Anxiety
  • Grief counseling
  • Child therapy
  • Sexual identity issues
  • Anger management
  • Job loss
  • Psychiatric testing
  • Eating disorders
  • Addiction
  • Divorce
  • Obsessive-compulsive tendencies
  • Cannabis use
  • Depression
  • Couples and marriage counseling
  • Executive coaching
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Suspected abuse of a child
  • Family therapy

Support for Life’s Challenges

Life is a rollercoaster, and no one is exempt from its ups and downs. Consider the following scenarios:

  • You are doing well at your current job, and you like it well enough. However, a nagging thought keeps popping into your head: is this what you want to do long-term? If you did make a change, what would you do? Try to move up in the same career? Switch careers?
  • A dear friend has passed unexpectedly. Grief has hit you, and focusing is difficult. Getting simple things accomplished at work and at home has been a challenge. The sadness makes it difficult for you to breathe some days.
  • After a big relocation, your teens are having difficulty adjusting. They are good kids, but they did not want to move. They miss their old school, their old house, their old friends. You have tried everything you know to cheer them up, and you are out of options.
  • You and your significant other are considering getting hitched. You have dated for several years, and you are madly in love. Marriage seems like the next step, but you both agree it is a big decision.
  • An occasional, stress-relieving activity has become uncontrollable. What used to be once every few months is now almost every day. Could it be an addiction? You want to stop or at least cut back, but nothing has worked so far.

If you were facing one of these situations or something similar, would you appreciate some wisdom and guidance? Many people agree, and they are finding the support they need through counseling, coaching, or therapy.

Appointments at Thriveworks Miami

If you are ready to meet with a mental health professional, the staff at Thriveworks Miami is ready to meet with you. When you contact our office, you might have your first appointment the following day. We offer evening and weekend appointments, and we accept most forms of insurance.

Our hope is that everyone receives the mental health care they need when they need it. Contact Thriveworks Miami today.

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