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Some people feel intimidated by the word “psychologist” but it represents a type of healthcare provider whose sole purpose is to help them! Psychologists dedicate years to learning new skills and gaining essential experience, which enable them to help you live better. They are able to assist you with problems, big and small, that are holding you back from living the happy, successful life you deserve.

“The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You realize that you control your own destiny.” –Albert Ellis

The psychologists at Thriveworks Jacksonville, FL are available to help you as soon as today. If you’d like to meet with one or hear more about the mental health services offered at Thriveworks Jacksonville, we’d be more than happy to assist you. All you have to do is call (904) 507-6712 to get in touch with our team. We look forward to it!

What Exactly Do Psychologists Do?

Psychologists are mental health professionals with the education, training, and experience to provide people with a range of services, including psychotherapy and psychological testing. Their main goal is to help their clients address the problems they are confronted with, be it a mental health issue or another major life challenge. Let’s delve into each:

  1. Mental health issues: Mental illnesses or mental health conditions are common: in fact, the National Institute of Mental Health reports that 1 in 5 US adults struggle with a mental illness. These include depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, and others. Fortunately, if you are suffering with a mental illness, a psychologist can provide you with psychological testing and assessment to determine a diagnosis. Additionally, they can provide you with treatment to address your illness and its symptoms. This often involves talk therapy!
  2. Other major life challenges: Mental illness isn’t the only challenge we might encounter in life. There are other challenges too, including relationship issues (e.g., jealousy, trust issues, abuse, financial strain, etc.), feelings of worthlessness, low self-esteem, stress, anger issues, and so on. Again, a psychologist can provide you with treatment that will help you manage your specific issue.

If you’re facing a mental health issue or another major life challenge that’s taking a toll on your mental health, consider meeting with a psychologist at Thriveworks Jacksonville, FL. In addition to offering a diagnosis in the case of a mental illness, they can help you better understand why you might be experiencing the given problem and how to manage it. Our psychologists are ready to help you as soon as today or tomorrow.

How Can a Psychologist Help?

Psychologists help people address a myriad of issues. Our Thriveworks Jacksonville psychologists see clients who are experiencing feelings of depression, anxious, and stress. They also help those who are suffering from chronic illnesses, which negatively impact their mental and emotional health. And they help people who are looking for nonjudgmental support as they learn to adapt during major life transitions. In summary, psychologists can help many people overcome their challenges—and they can likely help you overcome yours, too!

If you decide to work with a psychologist at Thriveworks Jacksonville, they will likely pull from multiple evidence-backed treatment methods. A common approach to treatment is talk therapy, which consists of talking about one’s problems, feelings, and needs to then be able to better manage the given problem. Other common approaches to treatment include cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy. These therapy techniques are used to help individuals, as well as families and couples, too. Additionally, sometimes treatment involves medication management; in these instances, your psychologist will work with your primary care doctor or a psychiatrist to provide you with this treatment.

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As we’ve explained above, the psychologists at Thriveworks Jacksonville, FL can help you address many different problems, ranging from mental illness to other major life issues such as relationship or financial strain. They will develop an individualized treatment plan just for you, so as to best assist and support you on your life journey of living happily and successfully.

If you’re ready to set up an appointment with one of our psychologists, you can reach us at (904) 507-6712. Our scheduling team will be happy to walk you through the simple scheduling process.

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