Life Coaching in Jacksonville, FL—Life Coaches and Counselors

Life Coaching in Jacksonville, FL—Life Coaches and Counselors

Jess was blindsided and fired from her job. She was coming up on her 5th anniversary at the company and thought she was due for a raise—instead, her boss said her role wasn’t particularly valuable to the company any longer. Jess didn’t take the news well (can anyone blame her?). Fortunately, she got a severance package and could afford to take a few weeks off. But a few weeks came and went and Jess still didn’t have the motivation to find a new job—nor did she have the motivation to do much of anything.

Jess—unmotivated, confused, and uncertain about the trajectory of her life—decided to work with a life coach. After several sessions, she gained valuable insight into what her next move could and should be. Her life coach motivated her to apply to new jobs, instilled new confidence in Jess, and helped her improve her overall happiness and success in every facet of her life.

“The most important thing in life is to stop saying, ‘I wish,’ and start saying, ‘I will.’ Consider nothing impossible, then treat possibilities as probabilities.” –Charles Dickens

Many of us can relate to Jess in one way or another. Whether we’ve been fired from a job ourselves, we’re lacking motivation, or we’re uncertain of where our life is headed. Fortunately, like Jess, many of us can benefit by partnering up with a life coach. If you are in the Jacksonville, FL area, consider working with a life coach at Thriveworks Jacksonville. In addition to being licensed mental health professionals, our life coaches have impressive skills, knowledge, and experience. Reach out today at (904) 507-6712 to schedule a life coaching appointment.

Should I Work with a Life Coach?

The Thriveworks Jacksonville life coaches have an important goal: to help you accomplish all of your goals. If you decide to work with one of our skilled, professional coaches, they will utilize their skills and experience to help you live a happier or more successful life (or both!). Think back to our fictional character above, Jess. Jess felt lost and unmotivated; fortunately, her life coach was able to instill a newfound confidence and motivation that she needed to grow and live better. The life coaches at Thriveworks Jacksonville can help you do the same. Here are a few of the many benefits you might find in life coaching:

  • Goal-setting: They know what works, and they can help turn your biggest dreams into reality.
  • Accountability: Back to those goals! Your life coach can keep you accountable for those goals you set for yourself.
  • Motivation: They can also motivate you to want to be better and do better.
  • Greater happiness and success: The ultimate mission here is to help you find greater happiness and success in life. We’ll identify how we can best help you.

If you’re interested in the above benefits, reach out to Thriveworks Jacksonville. We can set you up with a life coach, at your earliest convenience. Call us today to schedule your first appointment!

Work with a Life Coach at Thriveworks Jacksonville

Are you thinking about working with a life coach? Thriveworks Jacksonville is ready to fulfill this need and desire. As we mentioned previously, our life coaches have the knowledge, the skills, the experience, and the training to help a variety of clients achieve their goals. In addition to the help they will provide, you can look forward to quick and flexible scheduling: When you call to set up your appointment, a scheduling specialist will help do so at your earliest convenience. To best accommodate all of our clients, we have evening and weekend availability. In addition, we accept most major insurance plans.

If you’re ready to schedule your appointment or you want to hear more about our services, give Thriveworks Jacksonville a call at (904) 507-6712. We’ll be here—we look forward to hearing from you!

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Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville

Mr Thompson

Ricky Thompson has been my counselor on and off as for years; as I have needed him. Ricky is great, I will follow Ricky even if he is out of network and I have to self pay. I highly recommend Ricky for a number if issues.
Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville

Best Experience

Desarae is one of the most patient Thoughtful counselor I’ve ever dealt with. She is always quick to respond to the many emails and questions I’ve sent and has worked around my hectic schedule so we can talk. Highly recommend!!!
Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville

Wonderful counselor

Denesha is a fantastic counselor. She offers such compassion, warmth and patience.
Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville


Denesha is a dedicated and compassionate therapist that works diligently to provide her clients with support, encouragement, and realness. Her passion for assisting and guiding others to be their fullest and truiest self is apparent, even in brief interactions, and her approach makes you feel heard, comfortable and safe. All of which, help to foster the right environment for therapeutic work to be done. On a personal level, I have had the pleasure of working with Denesha and can say the support and guidance was impactful and will never be forgotten.
Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville

Caring Professional

Denesha is a warm and caring person and therapist, dedicated to the growth of her clients and profession. I would recommend her without hesitation.
Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville

ricky thompson

Ricky Thompson is a great guy and a wonderful therapist. He is hardworking and thoughtful and I would recommend him to anyone!
Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville

Ricky Thompson

I worked with Ricky at another Wellness Center . He is always professional and well versed . He is an effective therapist and a great coworker.
Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville

Caring and professional therapist Ricky Thompson

An associate and friend for many years, Ricky has always been conscientious, insightful, caring and helpful. It's a pleasure to recommend him for any counseling position. He will not disappoint!
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