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Online Counseling in Jacksonville, FL

Every single one of us fights battles that we’d rather not be a part of. We develop symptoms of a mental illness that we don’t understand or know how to manage; we lose a loved one, suddenly and unexpectedly; we grapple with guilt or regret about our past decisions; we struggle to find the happiness, the success, or the fulfillment we’re looking for, both personally and professionally.

I may not know what for I am here at this point, but maybe I will see the

better things after I pass this. Maybe the lessons can only be seen in retrospect.

Maybe I will appreciate the growth when I look back in time. Maybe, the best that

 I can do now is to give my all to carve my path, let go of the things I do not have

control over, and try to make the best out of my time and choices. So that

after this part of my journey, I could say, I turned out better.”

–Jerico Silvers


There’s no beating around the bush—these battles can make living life day to day hard. Fortunately, there are professionals who are dedicated to helping people just like you solve these problems. Therapists, counselors, coaches, and psychologists are dedicated to helping individuals live better.

Thriveworks therapists can help you as soon as today or tomorrow. And guess what? If you prefer it, you can work with them online from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, one of the many mental health services we offer is online counseling. If you’re interested in online counseling benefits, call Thriveworks Counseling in Jacksonville, FL right now at (904) 507-6712.

5 Reasons to Try Online Counseling

If you do decide to work with an online therapist, you will have several options: you can choose to work with your therapist over the phone, videoconference, or email. Regardless of which option you choose, you can expect to experience the following benefits in online therapy:

  1. It’s convenient: You could live 30 minutes from your local Thriveworks Jacksonville, FL office or you could live a few streets over. Either way, online therapy is the more convenient option. You can attend your session from home or wherever you happen to be.
  2. It’s comfortable: Connecting with a therapist, counselor, or coach online also often proves to be the most comfortable option. You can choose to do so from the comfort of your home, your car, your work, or anywhere else you’d like, as long as you have a quiet space and internet connection or cellphone service.
  3. It’s effective: Online therapy is not a revolutionary new idea. It’s actually been around for a relatively long time, since the early 1050s to be exact. And research shows that it can prove to be just as effective and beneficial as in-person therapy.
  4. It’s affordable: You might not know this, but a lot of insurance companies now cover online mental health therapy and counseling services. Additionally, Thriveworks Jacksonville, FL has affordable rates.
  5. It’s quick and flexible: Online therapy also makes scheduling your appointment a much quicker, more flexible process. Typically, you’ll be able to schedule an online therapy appointment in the nick of time.

To summarize, online counseling offers convenience, comfort, effectiveness, affordability, quickness, and flexibility. These benefits can prove crucial to one’s experience in therapy or counseling. If you’re ready to experience these benefit, reach out to Thriveworks Jacksonville today to schedule your appointment.

Work with an Online Counselor at Thriveworks Counseling in Jacksonville, FL

Thriveworks is a known and trusted brand. You don’t have to worry whether your online therapist or counselor will have the right skills, training, or experience to help you. All of the providers we partner with are fully licensed and they possess irreplaceable skills and experience that enable them to help their clients—additionally, they undergo an intensive training process.

If you are interested in online counseling, reach out to Thriveworks Counseling in Jacksonville, FL today. You can get to work with a reputable, experienced, and caring counselor as soon as today or tomorrow. All you have to do is call (904) 507-6712 to schedule your appointment.

Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville

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Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville

Mr Thompson

Ricky Thompson has been my counselor on and off as for years; as I have needed him. Ricky is great, I will follow Ricky even if he is out of network and I have to self pay. I highly recommend Ricky for a number if issues.
Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville

Best Experience

Desarae is one of the most patient Thoughtful counselor I’ve ever dealt with. She is always quick to respond to the many emails and questions I’ve sent and has worked around my hectic schedule so we can talk. Highly recommend!!!
Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville

Wonderful counselor

Denesha is a fantastic counselor. She offers such compassion, warmth and patience.
Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville


Denesha is a dedicated and compassionate therapist that works diligently to provide her clients with support, encouragement, and realness. Her passion for assisting and guiding others to be their fullest and truiest self is apparent, even in brief interactions, and her approach makes you feel heard, comfortable and safe. All of which, help to foster the right environment for therapeutic work to be done. On a personal level, I have had the pleasure of working with Denesha and can say the support and guidance was impactful and will never be forgotten.
Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville

Caring Professional

Denesha is a warm and caring person and therapist, dedicated to the growth of her clients and profession. I would recommend her without hesitation.
Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville

ricky thompson

Ricky Thompson is a great guy and a wonderful therapist. He is hardworking and thoughtful and I would recommend him to anyone!
Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville

Ricky Thompson

I worked with Ricky at another Wellness Center . He is always professional and well versed . He is an effective therapist and a great coworker.
Thriveworks Counseling Jacksonville

Caring and professional therapist Ricky Thompson

An associate and friend for many years, Ricky has always been conscientious, insightful, caring and helpful. It's a pleasure to recommend him for any counseling position. He will not disappoint!
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