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During middle school, Nick started smoking marijuana a few days a week with his friend after school. He felt a part of the group, and it seemed harmless. Soon, a few times a week turned into every day. Whenever Nick got too stressed, he would smoke, and as time went on, the stress mounted: tests, breaking up with his girlfriend, a part-time job, his parent’s divorce, college applications. Now Nick is working his first full-time job after college. He knows that if his employer finds out that he smokes weed that he would get fired. Nick wants to quit. He has even tried a few times, but within a few weeks, any progress he makes is lost. Nick is wondering if he is addicted. He is considering reaching out for therapy and addiction counseling.

Does Nick’s story sound familiar to you? If so, you and Nick may be two of the 21 million individuals in the US who are fighting a substance addiction. Your addiction may look like substance abuse—dependence upon alcohol, heroin, opioids, prescription drugs, marijuana, or another drug. Or, your addiction may look like obsessive behavior—shopping, Internet use, gambling, video games, pornography, sex, or more.

Whatever the case, addiction treatment is available, and skilled therapists can often guide you in taking the right steps to get sober and heal. Just like many diseases, care for your addiction from a mental health professional is often necessary. The therapists and counselors at Thriveworks Jacksonville have helped many people who are fighting an addiction. It takes commitment and support, but you can get sober. Our mental health professionals are guides to sobriety, healing, and freedom. 

3 Common Myths About Addiction

Even though millions of people suffer with addiction in America each year, certain misunderstandings and myths about it persist. In some cases, these myths stigmatize addicts and can prevent them from receiving the care they need. Early intervention is often a key to recovery, and thus, delayed care or lack of care can have devastating effects in the life of those afflicted with addiction as well as their loved ones. The best way to combat the myths is to name them and show the truth about what addiction is and how it functions.

1. Myth: Addiction is uncommon.

This myth whispers the lie, “You are alone.” The reality is that countless people fill therapist’s offices and recovery groups who are caring, supportive, willing to help, and have been in your shoes. They are either currently fighting an addiction or have fought one in the past. These recovery resources are often tight-knit communities that offer accountability and empathy. Many have found an understanding community in their journey of healing.

2. Myth: People choose to be addiction.

Addicts are famous for beating themselves up. They often think, “If I just made these choices instead of those.” The reality is that just as no one chooses to have cancer, no one chooses to have addiction. A choice that addicts can make is pursue recovery, but recovery is not fundamentally about willpower. It is about rewiring the brain to be healthier and balanced. It takes a support system and holistic growth. When people try to fight an addiction by making better choices, they often see the addiction grow. It is a vicious cycle because then addicts may feel shame for failing which fuels further growth in the addiction. Working with a mental health professional may bring relief to that cycle and produce more long-lasting results.

3. Myth: Addicts are weak people.

This myth is particularly dangerous because it is founded upon shame. This lie whispers, “You have an addiction because you are broken.” The reality is that addiction strikes indiscriminately—young and old, rich and poor, men and women. Many of the risk factors for addiction are out of people’s control: genetics, childhood trauma, family history, and allergies. Addicts are often some of the strongest and most courageous people, but having an addiction has nothing to do with being weak or strong.

When people are fighting an addiction, they need community and support, but these myths isolate them. In isolation, addiction can flourish. Often, the key to healing and recovery is reaching out for help and finding the care you need. Find that help and care at Thriveworks Jacksonville.

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