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Many of us fantasize about being a kid again—about going back to “simpler” days. But many of us also forget about how difficult childhood and adolescence can be. This is a critical period of development, one that comes with many physical, mental, and emotional changes. And often, kids and teens aren’t sure how to navigate these changes. They feel confused, uncertain, even fearful.

Fortunately, there is help and support for children and adolescents who need or could benefit from some professional help. There are counselors and therapists at Thriveworks Dover who specialize in providing this assistance to kids or teens. Whether they’re dealing with identifiable stressors such as their parents’ divorcing or their getting bullied, or they simply need some support during this developmental stage. Whatever the case, the counselors and therapists at Thriveworks Dover will use their skills and expertise to best help your child.

Does My Child Need Therapy?

Think about the last time you felt stressed or challenged emotionally—it probably wasn’t the best day, was it? Now, imagine being a kid and experiencing the same unwanted emotions. Kids and teens have to learn how to deal with their emotions properly, of which child therapy can help with. Additionally, child therapy can help children and adolescents with the challenges presented to them, such as:

  • Adjusting to life after parents’ divorce
  • Moving to a new town and/or school
  • Understanding and coping with mental illness
  • Dealing with a school bully
  • Building and maintaining relationships

The above challenges can prove significant and problematic to your child or teen’s life. The therapists and counselors at Thriveworks Dover can help them to address these problems and equip them with tools to better navigate future challenges that may arise. Ultimately, a child therapist can help their young clients to grow well through life.

How Does Child Therapy Work?

Child therapy is designed to best help each individual client, depending on the problems they present. That said, the ultimate goal is to help children and adolescents to better handle stressors and live an overall happier, healthier life. Here are a couple specific examples of how they might help their clients:

  1. Because childhood and adolescence are often marked with distinct physical, emotional, and mental changes, it is common for kids and teens to suffer with a low self-esteem. If your child is struggling with a low self-esteem, a counselor at Thriveworks Dover can help them to build their confidence. For example, the counselor might teach them about positive versus negative thoughts and help your child to see all that they offer the world.
  2. Life is often challenging for children of divorce, as this separation can bring about feelings of confusion, depression, and guilt in the kids. Furthermore, these feelings can worsen over time if they are not addressed. That’s where a child therapist at Thriveworks Dover comes in and makes a difference. They can talk through these feelings with your child and help them to come to terms with how they feel through journaling or deep-breathing, two name a few examples.

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Are you noticing any alarming changes in your child or teen? Are they going through something significant or potentially damaging? Consider setting up an appointment with a child therapist at Thriveworks Dover. To set up an appointment, all you have to do is give us a call at (855) 284-7483. A scheduling specialist will answer your call, gather your information, and then help you book with a provider that can help your child as soon as possible.

Here at Thriveworks, we employ a “no waiting list” policy. We know just how important mental health care is, and we want to get our clients that care as soon as possible. Additionally, we offer flexible hours—if you can’t make it to an appointment during the work or school week, you can come in for a weekend session instead. Our ultimate goal is to help you and your child to live happy, healthy, successful lives. If you think that your child could benefit from our services, make an appointment today.

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