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Traumas—whether physical, emotional, or sexual—don’t always leave physical scars. They always leave emotional and mental ones though.

These invisible scars are pervasive in our lives, coming up in small nuances and life-altering havoc. PTSD encompasses a wide range of symptoms and experiences. For a long time, it was thought these emotional and mental wounds were permanent. It was thought that you couldn’t heal a damaged brain.

Counselors and researchers have long since proved that wrong. The brain and all the emotional and behavioral repercussions of it, has a remarkable ability to heal. The term neuroplasticity was coined by researchers to explain the ability of the brain to be molded like clay. Trauma is a terrifying, awful experience that can change the brain to fight against you. With the help of Thriveworks Dover counselors and a new technique called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR for short), we can remove the claws of trauma and PTSD from your life and give you the freedom and peace you deserve.

What Is EMDR? How Does It Work?

EMDR is a brain hack that takes the brain’s natural defense mechanisms and uses it to unlock the unhealthy processes and habits it has stored. The trick is that once something has been “unlocked” it can be processed and worked through. Once it has been processed, it can be let go, and you can be free from it.

Sounds complicated? Truth be told, the science behind it kind of is. But the EMDR counselors at Thriveworks Dover are trained in the technique and can help you through any questions you might have. Plus, the actual process of using EMDR to combat PTSD is relatively simple.

After a traumatic event, the brain wants to protect itself. It does this by locking away past abuses to a place we can’t reach them. But that doesn’t mean they are gone. Nightmares, anxiety, flashbacks, and paranoia are all symptoms of your brain trying to protect you, but not understanding the harm it is actually inflicting. Thriveworks Dover believes in the power of talking hardships through, but that becomes immensely difficult when your brain is blocking you from processing fully.

Great, but how does EMDR unlock those memories and emotions caused from traumatic events and PTSD? The key is in the eyes.

Most memory processing occurs during the REM sleep cycle. REM is characterized by rapid eye movements, when your eyes dart rapidly from left to right. This movement connects the left and right hemispheres.

EMDR with Thriveworks Dover seeks to recreate this healing stage of sleep. There is a lot more that goes into it than moving your eyes back and forth of course, but our trauma and PTSD therapists will be there to walk with you every step of the way.

A key component of EMDR is to actively process a painful memory. This can be frightening. Your brain locked that memory away for a reason after all. But Thriveworks Dover will make the counseling session a place you can feel safe in. Together, we can insert control into a dangerous memory.

Once you are in control again, and not your natural instincts, healing can occur.

Some people might be hesitant to try a nontraditional method such as EMDR. Thriveworks Dover ensures that it is entirely safe and has been proven to help many people work through trauma. We won’t change your memories or who you are. We are taking away the control trauma has over your brain and giving it back to you—so you can chase after the life you’ve dreamed of.

Is EMDR for you?

EMDR has many uses. It has proved remarkably affective against trauma. Again, this can be any type of trauma. Some people have crystal clear memories of the tragedy that happened to them. Others have no idea. They all are being negatively impacted by trauma and want the freedom that comes from complete healing.

You are never “too broken”. The brain has extraordinary ability to heal, and you have extraordinary ability to persevere. Just by reading this and reaching out you are proving that you a have the strength and courage to overcome that trauma and PTSD you’ve experienced.

EMDR is usually used in conjunction with talk therapy. Our Thriveworks Dover counselors are highly trained in both methods. It’s not magic, it can’t just make all the pain and trauma and repercussions go away, but it can be a highly affective tool in the healing process.

If you are ready to take the first step towards healing and a free life, give us a call. Our trauma and EMDR counselors are excited to meet you and begin this journey with you.

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