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In the beginning of a relationship, sparks can seem like they are literally flying. The first date was pure magic, the second date even more so. “They’re the one”, you tell your friend over the phone while on an emotional high so strong you swear you’re never coming down.

But, time goes on, your relationship progresses, and life shows up in the form of dirty dishes, Monday mornings, and bills to pay. One argument becomes two, which turns into a daily fight.

Love can’t die like this can it?

Dover Thriveworks counselors are willing to bet no! Every relationship with have its rough edges and bumpy stretches. Arguments, disagreements, and discontentment are not only normal, they may even be a sign of a healthy relationship. But of course, that doesn’t make them any less painful, or your doubts any less valid. After all, you deserve to be loved and cherished, and since you’re in a relationship with another human being, you might not always feel that way.

The choice to leave or stay is a stressful one. Sometimes, leaving is absolutely the right decision! But other times, your relationship just needs a little help, and maybe an outside supporter. Dover Thriveworks is here to support you and your partner get through a rough patch, recover from one, or prepare for the next one. Relationships are hard work, but they can still be beautiful and full of love.

Does Couples Therapy Work?

Many couples who have seen a Dover Thriveworks counselor will say yes, it does! Oftentimes, an unbiased, outside mind can walk you both through any arguments, doubts, and insecurities you have. The love you once had is probably still there, just buried a little. You’ve worked so hard to keep this relationship, so let’s restore it to the fulfilling, loving relationship you deserve!

Having problems in your relationship does not mean it is doomed to fail. When a relationship begins, infatuation is strong, and flaws are glossed over or romanticized. As time goes on, routines and old habits are brought to the light. Sometimes, this can be dangerous for you, and if you feel you are unsafe in any capacity, our counselors can help you through any next steps you decide to take. But other times, these annoying little things aren’t incredibly destructive, they just leave you feeling unloved, disrespected, or under-appreciated. Obviously, you don’t deserve to feel this way, but it may be a problem we can fix together.

Some common issues our Dover Thriveworks counselors have helped couples overcome include:

  • Recovering from cheating
  • Managing busy schedules
  • Improving on communication skills
  • Learning how to live together
  • Adjusting to life changes and stress together
  • Addressing feelings of jealously or under-appreciation
  • Addressing unmet needs for affection
  • Discussing differing expectations for the relationship

There is never a bad reason to come into counseling, all of your problems are valid and important to address, no matter how “foolish” they may seem now. You also don’t have to be thinking about ending your relationship to come into counseling. Sometimes couples just like to “check in” to keep their relationship strong and prepare for the tough times that may be coming. This is a great reason to talk to a Dover counselor as well!

What Does Couples Therapy Look Like?

In the end, the concrete reason that draws you to counseling does not matter as much as you and your goals for the relationship do. Problems change, and we are flexible and individualized in our sessions. Our Thriveworks counselors strive to create a nonjudgmental space for growth and healing. Where the relationship and counseling sessions go is up to you—we are here to guide, support, and offer expertise.

Of course, through training and experience, we have many different techniques that we can employ in a counseling session to help you reach your goals. How we do that will largely depend on your unique situation. We may focus on a specific issue, like problems with faithfulness or feeling unloved. Or, we could simply focus on the overall relationship satisfaction. If you aren’t where you want to be yet, Dover Thriveworks can help you get there!

The final part we want to stress is that anyone is welcome to our couples therapy. Dating, engaged, or married—Dover Thriveworks is excited to help you rebuild and strengthen your relationship, so it is loving and fulfilling!

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