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The weather is bad, and you aren’t able to drive on the roads. Construction makes you late to a counseling appointment. You have work meetings booked all day and can’t fit in an appointment. You don’t have time to drive to and from the counseling office. You have kids and can’t leave them at home alone.

All of those situations are prime examples of why Thriveworks Dover in Delaware, Kent County offers online counseling. Telehealth or teletherapy as it is sometimes called is a way to receive professional counseling from the comfort and convenience of your own home. There’s no denying the many benefits of counseling. Even the simple act of venting to an empathetic, unbiased person can clear your mind and allow you to lead a more peaceful life.

Some people aren’t able to attend an in-person counseling session. Others prefer not to, opting instead for the technology driven online counseling.

Thriveworks Dover puts the same amount of care, empathy, and dedication into our online counseling sessions as we do our in-person sessions. We want to see you thrive, and online counseling is a great way to do that.

What Is Online Counseling?

All that sounds great, but how does online counseling work? It’s a very easy process! First, you will coordinate with your counselor if you prefer phone calls or video calls. If you choose phone counseling, all you have to do is find a safe, comfortable spot with Wi-Fi and wait for your counselor to call you. If you opt for video counseling, you’ll do the same and then follow a link your counselor sends to the video app. Either way, the whole process takes about as much time as opening your favorite beverage to drink during the counseling session.

The best part about online counseling is that nothing about Thriveworks Dover’s core beliefs and practices change. We still are a nonjudgmental, empathetic space you can come and be your authentic self in. We still offer experienced, trained advice to help guide you along your journey.

Is Online Counseling for Me?

Thriveworks Dover is an all-inclusive practice. We have counselors who are willing to help you with whatever struggles you bring in. If you are debating between online and in-person counseling, don’t forget online counseling has a few unique perks:

  • You can do it from you home! Imagine curling up on your favorite couch with your favorite drink and popping in your earbuds right before a session. The more comfortable you are with your surroundings during a counseling session the quicker you’ll open up and the more progress we’ll make.
  • You can do it in between work meetings! Is your schedule packed from early morning to late night? You don’t have to spend precious time driving to and from a counseling office. You can even talk to a counselor in your car during a lunch break!
  • You don’t have to worry about bad road conditions or other outside factors! Snowstorms, traffic, construction, a sickness, all of it can come out of nowhere and damper a perfectly good counseling session. With online therapy, you have more control.

Thriveworks Dover also wants to reassure you that our sessions are 100% confidential. You will never be recorded and the video counseling apps we use are always safe.

Also, did you know that most insurance cover online counseling? They do! If your insurance doesn’t happen to cover telehealth, we have an affordable self-pay option we can walk you through.

There has never an easier time to receive professional counselors. Now is the time to thrive.

Online Counseling During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak has uprooted many of our lives. Steady, comforting schedules were forced to change. Health risks are analyzed. Businesses are forced to close. It can be scary! But during all this chaos and fear, there is hope. Dover Thriveworks wants you to know:

You are not alone. You are strong. Together, we will get through this.

We are with you. We have seen this community come together to protect the at-risk and help those who have been the most affected. Dover Thriveworks is doing our part by offering online counseling to help alleviate the stress. A few of the common issues discussed in an online counseling session include:

  • Coronavirus fear and anxiety: Yes, it’s a real thing! Anxiety around the COVID-19 pandemic has plagued millions. The good news is it won’t last (the anxiety or the pandemic). Dover Thriveworks is here to support you in your anxiety and give you coping skills to overcome it.
  • Loneliness: With social distancing, shelter-in-place orders, and self-isolation, loneliness is becoming a second epidemic. But like fear and anxiety, it is beatable! Humans are social creatures, so it’s normal to feel lonely when you’re cut off from your favorite activities and people. Talking to a counselor isn’t just a way to make a meaningful connection with someone, our professionals have tools you can use to help alleviate your loneliness and still thrive during this time.
  • Counseling for children and adolescents: We each are experiencing the COVID-19 outbreak differently. For kids, it is especially hard. School and extracurricular activities were a staple in their lives. Without warning, they were forced to stop. By no fault of your own, your kids might be feeling lonely, anxious, uprooted, or despondent. Dover Thriveworks is here to guide and support them through this turbulent time.

There are a million other problems COVID-19 pandemic can bring to the surface. For many, it is a trigger for previous mental illnesses to resurface. Others are feeling for the first-time clinical anxiety, depression, or other scary conditions. But please remember that we are not without hope. Counseling can encourage, strengthen, and guide you into a healthier, happier you that is stronger than ever before.

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