Bipolar Disorder Help at Dover Thriveworks

Bipolar Disorder Help at Dover Thriveworks

Jake feels like he’s on top of the world. He’s excelling at his sales job, staying up every night to party, wrote a screenplay that’s going to become the next big film, and he just bought a yacht since his job is going so well. He’s feeling so good, he doesn’t even need sleep, thriving off of just four hours a night. This surprises his friends and coworkers, who are used to a Jake that oversleeps, doesn’t like to party, and is very financially reasonable. Sure, he writes a little in his free time, but he’s never mentioned wanting to write for film.

Then, within two weeks, Jake stops feeling so good. In fact, he feels worse than ever. The lack of sleep crashes over him, and he’s looking at his credit card balance with mute horror. He cries more than usual and seems to have lost all hope for the future. His friends and coworkers are just as confused and worried as he is. What happened?

Most likely, Jake has Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar Disorder—or Bipolar Depression as it is sometimes called—can be a terrifying and confusing disorder if not properly managed. The tell-tale mood shifts are oftentimes extreme and can have huge financial and health implications. But Bipolar Disorder is treatable! Thriveworks Dover understands the strains and pressure Bipolar puts on your life, and your desire to be free of it. Together, we can manage your Bipolar, so it doesn’t take over your life.

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar Disorder can be a hard diagnosis to hear. Many people think they are doomed to a lifetime of unexpected, unmanageable mood shifts. And while it may be hard at times, it is not a death sentence. Thriveworks Dover has seen many people lead successful, happy lives with their Bipolar under control.

So, what is Bipolar Disorder? As the name suggests, it constitutes two polar opposite mood phases. For a time, someone with Bipolar may feel depressed. Then, without warning, they’ll be full of energy. This is called the manic phase, and in our above example, Jake excelled at work, wrote a screenplay, partied instead of slept, and purchased a yacht during his manic phase.

A manic episode is often the easiest way to identify bipolar. The depression episode will usually precede or follow a manic episode, and we will talk about the symptoms of that phase later on. Some common symptoms of the manic phase of Bipolar include:

  • A frenetically high state of mind that may be either jubilant or irritated.
  • Accelerated thinking that will not settle.
  • A significant reduction in one’s need for sleep or rest.
  • Unfocused attention.
  • Obsessive and furious planning toward a goal.
  • Self-aggrandizement and inflated self-esteem.
  • Risky or harmful behavior.
  • Hallucinations.

The manic cycle can be terrifying. It can catch people off guard and disrupt your way of life, both now and in the future. With proper medication and treatment, however, it is manageable. Thriveworks Dover will walk with you through the process of finding the right treatment fit. We strive to create a partnership with you, and always keep your goals as the focal point.

As if manic episodes weren’t enough, Bipolar will also cycle through a depression stage. It is longer lasting and can be equally as destructive. Some common symptoms of a depressive episode include:

  • Powerful feelings of guilt, shame, and/or worthlessness.
  • Appetite or weight changes—either a decrease or increase.
  • Weakened endurance and energy.
  • Slowed speaking or nervous tapping.
  • Difficulty making decisions and focusing.
  • Disruptions in sleep—insomnia or hypersomnia.
  • Recurrent thoughts of suicide or death.

Depression is not fun. It can feel like a black hole that you’ll never get out of. Thriveworks Dover is here for you. We are trained and have experience treating both stages of Bipolar, so if you read those descriptions and thought, “That’s me,” know that you aren’t alone. There is effective treatment available, and our Dover counselors will work with you until we find the perfect fit, and we will continue to walk with you for however long is needed afterwards.

What Does Treatment for Bipolar Look Like?

It can feel impossible to live with Bipolar Disorder. The two extremes make traditional therapy not as effective. But psychologists have found a combination of medication and talk therapy that when combined with your strength, can free you from the chaotic reign of Bipolar.

It’s a long, uphill battle, but the counselors at Thriveworks Dover have seen countless of other strong individuals overcome their Bipolar, and we know that you can too! Treatment for Bipolar will most likely involve medication. It can be tricky to find the right dosage and type, but that’s what we are here for. Medication is especially effective for treating the manic episodes, and they can smooth out some of the rockier seasons of depression.

In addition to medication though, talking with a professional counselor is crucial. Not only can it help tremendously with the depression episodes, it can make managing medication and the day to day life of living with Bipolar much easier. Living a successful, happy life with Bipolar is possible! If you think you are struggling with Bipolar Disorder, give Thriveworks Dover a call today. You don’t have to live in the confines of Bipolar Disorder anymore. Treatment is available, and we are excited to share it with you.


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