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When you decide to enter a relationship with someone, you’re putting a lot of trust into that person. Trust that they will be there for you when you need them. Trust that they will act for the best outcome of your relationship. Trust that they will love, unconditionally.

Substance abuse can so often throw a kink into couple’s relationships. What may have once been unconditional now has a condition- recovery.

Thriveworks Columbus counselors at our  Polaris office understand the need to have a sober partner. It can be unhealthy and sometimes even dangerous to have a partner who is abusing substances. But we also understand the cruel realities of addiction and how after a certain point, it feels out of your control.

If someone in your relationship is struggling with substance abuse, it doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship. In fact, most addiction recovery programs encourage the support of a community and loved ones. When done with personal health and boundaries of both partners in mind, your relationship can not only survive, it can help you both become better people. Thriveworks Columbus is here to help! Call or click to Thriveworks Columbus 614.300.2755 now to schedule an appointment!

Please remember, if you are unsafe, call a local hotline or 911.

What Are the Benefits of Couples Substance Abuse Counseling?

The longevity of your relationship doesn’t have to suffer because of substance abuse. Couples substance abuse counseling offers healing in a relationship where substance abuse may have impacted communication, satisfaction, and health between partners.

Therapists and counselors at Thriveworks Columbus Polaris office have years of experience working with couples as we navigate the tricky pathways of addiction recovery and relationship healing. A key part of all sessions- whether virtual counseling or an in-person session- is the focus on you.

Especially when dealing with couples, everyone’s story is unique. Their goals are unique. Their past, struggles, personality, and thought patterns are unique. Counseling should be unique too. There is no set formula for substance abuse counseling because of the wide array of partners there are and the things they are struggling with.

In general, substance abuse counseling for couples will work to:

  • Increase communication
  • Repair trust
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Prepare for the longevity of the relationship
  • Seek and grant forgiveness
  • Put a stop to any cycles of abuse or enabling
  • Provide support for both partners

Often, addiction is the focus in many counseling settings. And while recovery is important, it’s only part of the equation. Relationship issues will almost always arise from addiction issues, and it’s important to get these issues sorted out before they become something bigger.

Remember, counseling is not a sign that you are weak or broken. Quite the opposite actually, it is a sign you are ready to commit to this relationship and the healthiest version of yourself. It’s a sign of your courage and strength.

Thriveworks Columbus Polaris Substance Use Disorder therapists and counselors have telehealth therapy and in-person counseling sessions located conveniently at 1120 Polaris Parkway 43240 available for couple’s substance abuse counseling today. Give us a call at 614.300.2755 to find out more!

Is Couples Substance Abuse Counseling at Thriveworks Columbus for Me?

The truth is alcoholism and others substance abuse issues are not individual problems. Substance abuse effects all around us, most often our partner. With this can come years of stress that fracture your relationship in unseen or seen ways.

When a relationship is stressed, it can inflame substance abuse issues. Other mental health struggles like anxiety or depression might also arise, and you might find yourself holding a grudge against your partner or wanting to get out but feeling stuck.

These are all normal emotions to have and they are all things counseling can address! Couples substance abuse counseling might be for you if you or your partner are:

  • Constantly tired or drained
  • Wanting to help your partner but not knowing how
  • Feel guilty or shameful
  • Angry
  • Constant fighting, verbal or otherwise
  • Using enabling to continue the cycle of substance abuse (conscious or unconscious)
  • Codependent
  • Resorting to old fights or habits
  • Developing anxiety and/or depression
  • Changing eat or sleep habits
  • Experiencing financial tension because of substance abuse
  • Feel dissatisfied in relationship
  • Hope for a brighter future!

Counseling is for any issue, big or small. If you think that your life can be improved by talking to a Thriveworks Columbus couples counselor, do it! We are here to support, guide, and encourage you on your path to a healthier, happier future far beyond the confines of substance abuse.

Thriveworks Columbus substance abuse and relationship counselors will always meet you and your partner where you are at. There is no shame in coming to counseling, only respect and an acknowledgment that you are doing your best, something we really admire! The Thriveworks Columbus Polaris office will always be a judgment free zone.

If you are ready to build a better future with your partner, give us a call to schedule an appointment today. We can be reached at 614.300.2755.

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