Bipolar Disorder Therapy in Columbus, OH—Therapists and Counselors

Bipolar Disorder Therapy in Columbus, OH—Therapists and Counselors

Donna has never felt so good in her life. She’s writing pages for work faster than ever before, and after work hours she’s out at the bars meeting new friends. Her photography business—which has been on the backburner for years—is starting to take off.

But something isn’t quite right. Her friends and coworkers have never seen her like this. And they say she’s been acting off—not sleeping, mood swings, and where did this renewed interest in photography come from?

Suddenly, within two weeks, Donna loses her steam. Now, feels worse than ever. The sleepless nights out partying and pursuing her photography business hit hard. She constantly feels down and hopeless. Everyone else is just as confused as she is.

What most likely happened was a manic episode, followed by a depressive episode. The two extreme mood stages are what make up Bipolar Disorder, also sometimes called Bipolar Depression. Bipolar Disorder can be a terrifying and confusing disorder if not addressed. The dramatic mood-shifts that give it its name can have extreme financial and health implications. As scary as all this is, it is more than possible to live with Bipolar and still have a happy, fulfilling life. Thriveworks Columbus bipolar disorder therapists understand the pressure Bipolar can put on your life, and how much you want to be free of it. Together, we can work out a strategy so you remain in control of your life. If you are ready to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (614) 515-6291.

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

A Bipolar Disorder diagnosis is hard to accept. It has the stigma of being untreatable and dooming people to unexpected, unmanageable mood shifts. This, however, is not reality. Although Bipolar presents unique challenges, Thriveworks Columbus has seen over and over again how people can lead successful, happy lives with their Bipolar under control.

Bipolar Disorder is also a confusing disorder. What does it entail, exactly? People with Bipolar Disorder will undergo two distinct mood phases: a depressive phase and a manic phase. A depressive phase is a spout of depression. A manic phase can come on suddenly; you might be full of energy, be pursuing multiple different activities, and make fraught financial decisions.

The manic episode is the tell-tale sign of Bipolar. Some of the symptoms of a manic phase include:

  • A frenetically high state of mind that may be either jubilant or irritated.
  • Accelerated thinking that will not settle.
  • A significant reduction in one’s need for sleep or rest.
  • Unfocused attention.
  • Obsessive and furious planning toward a goal.
  • Talkativeness especially as compared to an individual’s normal speech patterns.
  • Self-aggrandizement and inflated self-esteem.
  • Risky or harmful behavior.
  • Hallucinations.

The abrupt and drastic changes of a manic episode can be terrifying and anxiety-inducing. With the right medication and treatment plan, though, it is manageable and maybe even avoidable. Thriveworks is here to be a guide in the murky world of treatment plans. We will support and encourage you until we find a good fit. You are always the main focus of a counseling session, and we will keep your goals and lifestyle in mind as we construct a treatment plan.

A manic episode is only half of Bipolar. The depression stage is often longer lasting and equally, if not more, devastating. Similar to a depressive episode, symptoms include:

  • Powerful feelings of guilt, shame, and/or worthlessness.
  • Appetite or weight changes—either a decrease or increase.
  • Weakened endurance and energy.
  • Slowed speaking or nervous tapping.
  • Difficulty making decisions and focusing.
  • Disruptions in sleep—insomnia or hypersomnia.
  • Recurrent thoughts of suicide or death.

Nothing about depression is fun. It’s like you’re stuck in a blackhole that keeps dragging you down. Except there is a way out. Thriveworks Columbus is here fighting for you. We have the training and experience needed to help you not only survive Bipolar but thrive despite it. Our Columbus counselors strive to form a relationship with all our clients and will continue to work with you for as long as it takes.

What Does Treatment for Bipolar Disorder Look Like?

I feel trapped in this, is there really a way out? Yes! Even when it feels the most hopeless, like this is truly rock-bottom, there is always a way back up. Thriveworks Columbus will help you up.

The two, separate extremes of Bipolar Disorder make traditional talk therapy less effective (although still important, especially for navigating the depressive episodes). Researchers have found the right combination of medication and talk therapy works best, and when combined with your strength and courage, it can be more than enough to break free from the chaotic chains of Bipolar.

Medication is a staple in most treatment plans for Bipolar. It might take a while to find the right dosage and type, but that’s what our counselors will help you with. And of course, talking to a professional is always important. It will not only help with the depressive episodes, but also enable you to work through any anxieties and doubts as they come up. It can make managing your medication a smoother transition and build healthy habits that will take you beyond what you thought was possible after a Bipolar Disorder diagnosis.

A healthy, happy, fulfilling life is possible with Bipolar Disorder. If you think you or a loved one is struggling with Bipolar, Thriveworks Columbus can help you through the next possible steps. Give us a call at (614) 515-6291 to schedule your appointment.

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