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Thriveworks couples counselors and therapists in Columbus, OH understand the ins and outs of relationships. We know it usually starts with that first glance, that first conversation. Something about that other person draws you in. At the beginning of a relationship, everything seems to just click. There is nothing like that feeling of connection when you’re with your partner. Laughter comes easier and troubles seem far away.

Warning Signs of Relationship Issues

We know relationships aren’t always easy. The professional therapists and counselors at Thriveworks understand that there is an ebb and flow to romantic life, waves of happiness and challenges in a relationship. Sometimes, instead of the relationship working smoothly, it seems to take more and more effort just to stay connected. Some of the signs there may be issues between you and your partner include:

  • You’re easily frustrated with your partner. Simple things they do that you used to not even notice now seem to irritate you and get under your skin.
  • You’re afraid to share your feelings. You may have started out expressing every thought, but now you find yourself unwilling or unable to describe your emotions to your spouse.
  • You and your partner argue over trivial things. A normal discussion about where to eat, what show to watch, or when to go out may suddenly devolve into a heated debate, completely out of proportion to the event’s significance.
  • The two of you avoid spending time together. Instead of going out together and sharing activities, you may find you’re spending more time with your friends without your partner. You might even be the one encouraging your spouse to go out without you.
  • You or your partner becoming more defensive. You may feel the need to constantly explain yourself and your side of every issue, to make sure your spouse really understands your feelings.

These common signs signify that your relationship is not what it could be. And if you’re facing challenges in your relationship, it can dim every other part of your life.

If you’re experiencing troubles or pain in your marriage, it doesn’t have to stay that way. You don’t have to live with an unhappy or unfulfilling relationship. Recent studies have shown that 70-80% of relationships improve with a qualified couples counselor like those we have at Thriveworks1. We’ve helped couples with issues similar to yours in Columbus, and across Ohio, succeed and find happiness.

Thriveworks Therapists and Counselors Are Here for You

You don’t have to repair your relationship alone. At Thriveworks Columbus, we have experts in couples counseling who can work with you and your partner to identify the root cause of issues that may be hurting your relationship. Our licensed counseling professionals can work with you to find new ways for you and your partner to connect.

We know there are many factors that can impact the potential success or failure of a relationship, and our therapists want to help you through any issue. Our goal is to work with you to build a healthy, fulfilling relationship that enlivens your life. As a Thriveworks Columbus, OH counseling client, you will work with a professional relationship counselor who understands the difficulties you may be experiencing. We can offer you the tools you and your partner need to begin rebuilding a relationship that is solid enough to last a lifetime. The first step is to simply contact us.

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