Premarital Counseling in Columbus, OH—Counseling and Therapy

Premarital Counseling in Columbus, OH—Counseling and Therapy

Maybe the first date was magical. Now, over a year into your relationship, you’re wondering if marriage might be on the horizon. Or maybe the venue is already booked, and colors selected. You’re head over heels in love, and sure in your decision. But just as the cake-testing took hours, you want to prepare yourself for marriage as well.

And what if you begin to have doubts as the special date looms closer? Where can you turn? Marriage and the thought of committing to someone long-term can bring an onslaught of emotions and questions many couples don’t expect. This is normal! And the exact type of situation that premarital counseling can help with.

Premarital Counseling at Thriveworks Columbus is a broad form of counseling that encompasses many situations. We want to be there for you as you ask questions, examine yourself and the relationship, and make those big decisions. Your wedding is already so intricately planned—it’s normal to want to prepare yourself for it as well!

What Is Premarital Counseling?

Premarital Counseling’s goal is to work through a problem, develop essential communication skills, identify potential future conflicts, and learn how to handle those situations.

It is not only for people who are struggling with their relationship, or for people who are sure in their decision to marry. Thriveworks Columbus Premarital Counseling is for people who are interested in or talking about marriage or furthering their relationship.

Research shows that couples who commit to premarital counseling are 30% more likely to have a happy, successful marriage. Almost half of marriages end in divorce, so 30% can be very helpful! There will, of course, be hardships along the way—that’s part of relationships. Premarital counseling can give you the tools you need to manage them healthily and swiftly.

So, What Does Premarital Counseling Actually Look Like?

Thriveworks Columbus will always keep you and your relationship at the center of our sessions. There is no cut and dry formula to reach every couple, so we custom design each session so you can get the most out of it. Some common discussions include:

  • Common Interests and Activities
  • Role Expectations
  • Communication
  • Religion and/or Church
  • Marriage Expectations
  • Budget and Finance
  • Children and Parenting
  • Sexuality
  • The Need for Space
  • Feelings of non-commitment and identifying where they stem from
  • Current concerns you have about the relationship and how to overcome them
  • Should we go through with marriage?

There are many outcomes from Premarital Counseling, depending on your situation coming into counseling and what happens along the way. It’s true that sometimes, after premarital counseling, couples decide to end their romantic relationships altogether. Or maybe they just postpone the marriage date. These couples are much happier and healthier after this, as hard as that decision is. Most of the time, though, couples leave strengthened in their relationship and with many tools to carry on with them.

Schedule Premarital Counseling at Thriveworks Columbus

The pre-marriage jitters and questions that might feel world-stopping right now can become much more manageable after talking to a professional. Your heart and soul are in this relationship. Columbus Thriveworks wants to make sure it lasts and fulfills you in all the ways it can! So, if you’re ready to meet with a premarital counselor, schedule an appointment today.

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Brianna Sheridan

I highly recommend Brianna Sheridan and her expertise as a therapist. I have had the pleasure to know Brianna for several years and have worked with her as a colleague. Brianna is very knowledgable and I have often sought her advice and insight regarding counseling matters and concerns. She is a competent, highly skilled, and a very compassionate therapist.
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I recently started utilizing Thriveworks and my counselor is amazing! I have seen a few therapists over the years, but she is the first that I feel has real tools that work for me. I am an overly analytical person, and she has introduced me to so many new ways to think about various problems, new and old, that have given me a fresh perspective. Today was the second day in my short time here that I left with that "mind blown" feeling, and today I couldn’t believe the positive feelings I had on these new approaches she provided me. Also, which is the best part of course, the office is so peaceful and calming, the staff are all incredible, and just walking in the door makes me de-stress quite a bit. I definitely recommend giving Thriveworks a shot if you are looking for a welcoming place! Go Buckeyes!
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Thriveworks is a great company that meets the needs of all its clients. Their compassion to help people is unmatched.
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