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Harper has a big decision. She is finally settling into a great job that fits her well. Sure, it’s a little mundane, but Harper likes the stability. Then, last week, her brother presented her with a plan for them to open a restaurant together. Ever since they were kids, they dreamed about working together in their own café. The perfect location opened up. Her brother worked up a business plan that is a risk, but it is also reasonable. What should she do? A big part of her loves the stability of her current job. A big part of her wants to take the risk and open this café with her brother. Before making a commitment either way, Harper decides to meet with her life coach. Together, Harper and her coach think through each option. As they discuss, analyze, dream, and wonder, Harper realizes she is ready for this risk. She feels confident about the business plan, and she is ready to shoulder the responsibility of this venture. Harper makes the decision with confidence.

Brandon has a big move coming up. After a decade of living in the same community and working the same job, he is making a change. Brandon is excited, but he is also nervous. What if he hates the new job? What if he doesn’t make any new friends? What if his new apartment is too small? These thoughts have been nagging him since he made the decision to take this new job. Brandon decides to take action: he makes an appointment with a life coach. Brandon and his life coach make a plan for his personal and professional life. They map out options for getting Brandon settled in his new life. As Brandon packs up and moves, he continues to meet weekly with his life coach via teleconference. A year later, Brandon is so happy he chose to move, and he is thankful he had a life coach’s help during the transition.

More and more people are working with a life coach as they face transitions, reach for goals, or are navigating roadblocks in life. Thriveworks Columbus offers life coaching, and we have helped many people get the most out of life.

What Exactly Is Life Coaching?

Life coaches are a relatively new category of mental health professionals, and in many ways, the profession is new and developing. People are still learning that life coaching can be a great option for them. Here are a few quick facts about what life coaches are and are not:

  • Life coaches are dedicated to helping their clients reach goals and fulfill their potential.
  • Each coach has a unique style.
  • Life coaching has a lot of flexibility, and it can be tailored to a client’s particular needs and preferences.
  • Life coaches are not therapists—they are different professions.
  • The International Coach Federation (ICF) is dedicated to enforcing ethical standards for life coaches.
  • Life coaches are not required to be licensed or certified.
  • Life coaches can work independently or they can work together with other therapeutic or medical organizations.
  • The principles of life coaching are believed to have been based upon the techniques used for sports coaching.

Is there a goal you want to achieve? Have you ever wondered what your potential is? Do you want to capitalize on your strengths and fortify your weaknesses? Are you ready for some encouragement, advice, inspiration, accountability, and challenge? If so, you may be ready to meet with a life coach.

Life coaches want to help their clients achieve personal and professional goals. Skilled life coaches are just like skilled athletic coaches—they know how to help their clients reach their potential. Some of the people who see life coaches are CEOs of major corporations who know that they can also grow, teachers who want to be there for their students but also need balance, college grads who are navigating the working world for the first time, retirees who are shifting how they use their time and money. The list could go on and on because life coaches work with all kinds of people. Everybody and anybody could potentially benefit from life coaching.

The Benefits of Life Coaching

Because life coaches often tailor sessions to a client’s specific needs, the benefits of life coaching will be unique and personal to each individual who participates. In general, some of the benefits clients have reported from life coaching include…

  • A clearer life vision with goals that support that vision.
  • Unbiased and unwavering support from the life coach.
  • Strategies and techniques for maximizing your potential.
  • More accountability that keeps you achieving.
  • Encouragement and inspiration during setbacks and hard times.
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem.
  • Professional development.
  • Personal development.

Making an Appointment with a Life Coach at Thriveworks Columbus

If you think that a life coach could help you navigate what you are facing in your personal or professional life, consider reaching out to Thriveworks Columbus. Our life coaches are ready to help, and we have appointments available. When you call our office, a scheduling specialist will answer your call and help you make an appointment. New clients often meet with their coach the following day. We offer evening and weekend sessions, and many insurance plans are accepted. We do not keep a waitlist, but we hope that our clients get the coaching they need, when they need it. Let’s work together toward your full potential. Call Thriveworks Columbus today for life coaching.

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