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Who doesn’t deal with stress every day? People work long hours, have to juggle their home and personal lives, and are expected to do so much more. People are under tremendous stress daily, which is not only bad for their mental well-being but also their physical health. Stress is unavoidable in the best of times. Today, after months of lock-downs, of parents having to become home-school teachers and remote workers simlutatniously, of couples and families living together 24/7 and everyone feeling cut-off from friends and family, stress levels, for many people have reached well beyond the day-to-day.

If you’ve been feeling somewhat (or extremely!) overwhelmed, it might be time to talk with someone. Sometimes seeking help is the best approach to learn essential techniques in better managing stress. Stress counseling can be highly effective, even during COVID19, and you can find the help you need at Thriveworks Columbus Polaris by calling (614) 356-8565.

Am I Suffering from Too Much Stress? What Are the Symptoms?

There are many mental and physical symptoms of stress, some of which you may not even know, are symptoms. If you are experiencing the symptoms of anxiety for an extended time, you can develop chronic issues that can negatively impact your life. It can be helpful for  you experience the advice of a licensed counselor or therapist to develop a plan to help better manage your stress. Some symptoms of stress include:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Overeating/undereating
  • Fatigue
  • Chest pain
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Risky behaviors
  • Muscle tension or pain

These are a few of the common symptoms of stress. Remember, even during extremely stressful times you don’t have to settle for navigating things on your own. If you suffer from any of these particular symptoms or other symptoms you think may be associated with stress related to COVI19 or otherwise, get the help that you need at Thriveworks Columbus Polaris by calling (614) 356-8565.

How Stress Counseling Can Help

Some people overeat as a way to cope with their stress or find some other temporary solution that isn’t going to help them feel better, like drinking. These are short-term solutions to dealing with your stress without actually learning how to manage it. There are several practical approaches, including talking about your stress with the counselor or therapist.

A counselor or therapist at Thriveworks Columbus Polaris, can help you understand what your stressors are while giving you the tools necessary to reduce the impact stress has on your life.  We won’t be able to make the pandemic disappear, but we might be able to help lessen its emotional impact on you.  Instead of using unhealthy methods of coping with stress, it’s important to learn those strategies that can help with relaxation and easing the burden of everyday life. The team at Thriveworks Columbus Polaris office can assess your situation and create a plan that will be the most effective in treating stress.

What Techniques Do I Learn in Stress Counseling?

As we’ve already mentioned, counseling needs for stress can vary from person to person as the severity and symptoms are as unique as the individual is. The counselor takes a look at your specific case to offer you the tools and techniques necessary to cope better with stress in every aspect of your life. Some of the methods that they may offer include:

  1. Making You Aware of Stressors: Sure—it’s life these past months…but what aspects are especially challenging for you? What aspects of this new “normal” might not be bothering you as much as you’d expected? It’s essential to identify what your stressors are (and aren’t). By working through what stressors exist in your life, the counselor can help you figure out ways to manage the stress or to avoid the stressor altogether. However, it’s vital to know what the stressors are before anything can be done to manage them.
  2. Finding a Healthy Outlet: Letting the stress build up isn’t good for anyone. Finding a healthy way to get emotions out while dealing with stressors can be one of the most effective tools in coping with stress. Some people prefer to take up an intense physical activity like running, while others use yoga and meditation. Some people like journaling. It only matters that someone finds the best healthy outlet to help them.
  3. Establishing Boundaries: Often, stress can be caused by the perception of people invading your boundaries, primarily if we can’t communicate this invasion to them. The counselor can help you discover what your boundaries are, giving you the freedom that you need to breathe. The counselor can also help by giving you the courage to express your boundaries to inform others not to cross them.
  4. Have a Schedule: Another common reason for stress is that people are overwhelmed due to time management problems. Schedules allow people to know what is planned for the day, as well as scheduling things that need to get done to help better manage time. This strategy includes not only the schedules for work or kids but also the necessary “me time.”
  5. Learn Self-Care: Self-care can be essential to reducing stress. This solution could be a spa day, time at counseling, or any other opportunity where you take the time to focus on yourself.

The counselor will help you understand that everyone deals with stress, and it’s essential that you not be concerned about things that are out of your control. Thriveworks Columbus Polaris can come up with the right coping strategies for each client to reduce the effects of stress on their life. Consider using these counseling services for your stress counseling needs.

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Our team can help you by teaching you practical techniques for managing stress. Stress is inevitable, but having the right tools to manage it better can potentially help you navigate these difficult times in  healthier ways so that you might find yourself a bit happier. We offer online and in person sessions evening and weekends along with the typical daytime sessions M-F. We don’t believe in waiting lists so you can be set up with a counselor ASAP, sometimes in a few as 4 hours. Think stress counseling is expensive? It may be cheaper than you think since we accept most major insurance plans.

You can take the first step in better coping with COVID by contacting Thriveworks Columbus Polaris at (614) 356-8565.

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