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Breakups are hard to get over, whether you have been married or dating for a significant amount of time. You have devoted a lot of time and given of yourself to your partner. When a breakup happens, you feel alone. You often almost feel like you lost a part of yourself. While breakups occur to many, this doesn’t make what you are experiencing any less meaningful. Your life can be turned upside down after any breakup, which is why it may be time to consider breakup therapy. If this is something that is necessary, contact Thriveworks Columbus Polaris at (614) 356-8565.

Signs That You May Need Breakup or Divorce Counseling

It’s normal for things to not feel right after your breakup. However, in many cases, the breakup can be so severe that it can negatively impact your life. It can upset your daily activities and cause you to lose your passion for certain things in your life. Here are some signs that one may need breakup therapy:

  • Depression
  • Sluggishness
  • Hopelessness
  • Unable to see the future
  • Inability to eat
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Unmotivated

You have to remember that just because your relationship ended, that doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of receiving the help you need. If you are suffering from a mixture of these symptoms, consider scheduling a breakup counseling session with a therapist or counselor at Thriveworks Columbus Polaris. Our office is located convenient to Westerville, Dublin, Worthington and the rest of the Columbus metro area. These highly trained and experienced professionals will observe your symptoms and create a custom treatment plan specifically for you.

How Can Breakup Therapy Help

One of the most significant ways that breakup counseling can help is by helping you navigate through your new phase of life as an independent person. It’s not just about assisting clients in understanding that it’s okay to be alone for a while so that they can figure out who they are without their ex. It’s also about helping you through all of those intense emotions that you may be struggling with as a result of the breakup.

After breakups, it’s vital to deal with every negative aspect of how the breakup impacts you. You should know that life does go on, and all of these things that you are feeling right now are entirely normal. When taking breakup counseling, clients can learn a variety of techniques to cope with the breakup and, eventually, overcome those negative emotions. Breakup counseling help in these ways:

  • It helps clients to figure out ways to work out any financial issues caused by the breakup.
  • It gives clients tips to help clients stay physically and emotionally healthy.
  • It helps clients make the right decisions.
  • It helps clients learn how to spend time as a single person, including going out with friends.

What’s good about breakup counseling is the therapist or counselor can help you get a fresh perspective on the breakup, allowing you to find happiness and feel complete again. If you think you need help working through your breakup and its aftermath, contact Thriveworks Columbus Polaris office at (614) 356-8565.

Techniques Learned in Breakup Counseling

Finding closure and getting back into experiencing life to its full potential after a devastating breakup. The therapists at Thriveworks Columbus Polaris office are compassionate and can provide the help that is necessary after an intense breakup. People want a fresh start after a breakup, and a counselor can teach you some techniques that can help you through this process. These are some techniques that counselors teach in breakup counseling:

  1. Encouraging Self-Confidence: After a breakup, it’s reasonable to take a hit to your self-esteem. This blow can be especially true in more difficult relationships and breakups, including ones caused by infidelity. The therapist can help by offering ways to refocus yourself on what makes you unique and special.
  2. Encourage Self-Care: Self-care can be one of the most important things to help people get through a breakup. Self-care means focusing on something that will make you feel physically and mentally healthier. Try meditation or visiting a spa day. A therapist can offer suggestions on ways to help you indulge in self-care.
  3. Avoiding Self-Destructive Behavior: Sometimes, after breakups, people tend towards risky and self-destructive behavior like excessive drinking or using drugs. It’s essential to avoid going down this path because you may find yourself in even more of a downward spiral that’s harder from which to recover. A therapist can help you find ways to channel your impulses to more constructive and positive behaviors.
  4. Dealing with Guilt and Inadequacy: Breakups can leave people full of guilt and feeling not good enough. A counselor will help by showing ways that you have grown from the relationship and breakup. They can point out the positives of the breakup or give a fresh perspective of the lessons learned and how to apply them to future relationships.
  5. Use Alone Time Positively: Instead of focusing on being alone after a breakup, a therapist can show you how to take the time for self-reflection, and this is where people learn how to live independently rather than as part of a couple. Goals and priorities may have been changed since the breakup. You may have discovered new interests you never considered before.

The right techniques can be essential in helping anyone get over their breakup. A counselor at Thriveworks Columbus Polaris, can work closely with clients to determine what the best approaches are to get the best possible results.

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Breaking up doesn’t have to break you, and thanks to counselors and therapists at Thriveworks Columbus, Ohio Polaris office, clients can get the tools that they need to move on. Through breakup counseling, clients can find healthier ways to find happiness after the breakup. To schedule a session with Thriveworks Columbus Polaris office, you only have to call (614) 356-8565. You can get an appointment quickly with a counselor who is assigned to you, as there is no waitlist. Our Thriveworks Columbus Polaris team is about  your convenience, which is why we offer weekend and evening appointments in addition to daytime appointments M-F. We accept most major insurance plans, so you have one less thing to worry about when you make your appointment.

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