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Video Counseling For Couples in Chesterfield, VA—Video Counselors, Therapists

You might be wondering how to remain intimate during a time where COVID-19 is spreading, and you should. Everyone should take the right steps for their health and safety during this time. However, what about couples that have already had issues regarding your marriage or relationship? It’s already difficult to accept the fact that your relationship has problems, but what about dealing with these issues in the wake of a growing pandemic?

Let’s say that you are involved in a long-distance relationship, and you understand that it might be some time before you see your partner again. It can be tough to remain connected to someone, even though you care about them, without any form of physical intimacy. Thriveworks Chesterfield counselors can work with you to make sure that online counseling for couples can be an effective form of therapy during this difficult time.

Working Through a Quarantine

Thriveworks Chesterfield online counselors can ensure that you feel connected with your partner, no matter what. You may even feel less connected with your partner despite the fact that you are quarantined with them. For example, you may have realized that spending 24/7 with your partner is giving you cabin fever, and circumstances prevent you from going out, switching your lifestyle up, or altering your schedule.

The unfortunate truth is that staying quarantined in a house with someone can lead to a lot of conflict. Let’s be honest: staying quarantined can be anxious and depressing. You might be tempted to blame your partner for something, only to find that the real issue is that you cannot get out of the house. It’s easy to see how this kind of behavior isn’t exactly sustainable for a honest and healthy relationship.

Help Setting Boundaries

Thriveworks counselors offer video counseling for couples even if you are quarantined with them—there’s a good chance that you may feel a bit more honest about your emotions in a quarantine session. You might find that the video counseling for couples helps you understand your partner’s perspective in a new light, which can lead to real progress in your relationship. You might also find the setting a bit more fitting to speak about boundaries, concerns, and more.

You might be a young professional with a hectic schedule, but still want to make sure that your relationship is on track. Let’s say that your partner is also a professional with their own schedule, but COVID-19 is preventing you two from actually meeting up in person. There might be other situations where you two are working in different countries, and feel that the relationship is getting stale.

You might find that video counseling for couples can help keep your bond strong, and you might even view COVID-19 as an obstacle that brings you closer together! It might take some work, but Thriveworks Chesterfield online counselors can help you reach a clearer understanding of where you two are in life.

Keep the Spark Alive

It’s obvious to see that COVID-19 can affect the sex life of a couple. You might even be in the same city as your significant other, but have decided that it isn’t worth meeting up consistently in public because it can prove to be a real health hazard. How will you manage to remain romantic without the romantic dates or consistent sex?

The truth is that video counseling for couples can help you understand that the circumstances will pass, and there are alternatives to consider that allow you to feel more connected with your significant other. This is essential towards maintaining a strong relationship.

Working Through Your Issues

Thriveworks Chesterfield online couples counselors can help identify what it will take to make sure that your relationship not only survives, but thrives, during this time. If there has been betrayal in your relationship, Thriveworks offers infidelity counseling to help individuals gain trust in each other once again.

You might feel like your marriage was already on the rocks, but video counseling for couples might actually lead to a breakthrough in your relationship. Thriveworks Chesterfield also offers premarital therapy for those in serious relationships who are trying to figure out where they stand, and what the future holds. It is incredible how much video counseling for couples can help to establish some clear boundaries and goals regarding your relationship.

Thriveworks Chesterfield Can Help

It’s a great sign if you are interested in video counseling for couples—it means that your relationship is important to you., It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to figure out how to plan your marriage and figure out how to start a family, or trying to make sure that your marriage is intact after a betrayal: Thriveworks Chesterfield online counselors can help you figure out what steps to take to make sure that your future is bright, and that your bond remains strong.

You might find video counseling for couples to be the best option if you are going through something, but it also might just be because in-person counseling isn’t working. You might find that video counseling can be a more productive way of working through whatever issues you may have.

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