Looking to boost your creativity? Implement these 3 tips:

One, listen to music that makes you happy. In a recent study published by PLOS One, participants completed creative exercises while listening to music that evoked happy, calm, sad, or anxious feelings. The research team found that participants who listened to happy music received the highest scores on innovative thinking and creativity. So, make a playlist of songs that make you happy and put it on repeat.

Two, surround yourself with creative people. Get with an artistic friend and see if you can learn a thing or two about their creative process. If no one comes to mind, you can find and connect with creatives on Facebook or MeetUp. Bounce ideas off of these people and welcome feedback, too. 

Three, brainstorm with the app Brainsparker. This free app contains 200 cards with inspiring words and phrases written on each. Simply shake your phone to shuffle the deck and produce a new card. The random word or phrase just might give you the creative boost or inspiration you’re looking for.

These three tips can help you tap into your creative juices.