Let’s hear it for the forest state of mind: Nature therapy and forest medicine 

The positive effects of nature on mental and physical health are well-documented. Captain Obvious says that’s because humans evolved outdoors, not indoors, for 99.9% of their time on Earth.  Virtual reality nature lacks the multisensory inputs (like soil, volatile organic compounds, and soundscapes) that people need to get the full…

Do you really have to quit your job to find yourself? The positive psychology driving the Great Resignation of 2021

Over 40% of the workforce is thinking about resigning this year—after rethinking their priorities during the pandemic, workers are looking for more meaning, more autonomy, and more flexibility in their jobs.  Today’s workers are expected to be emotionally involved in their jobs, and can feel as if they’re missing out…

Thriveworks Comes to Greensboro, NC: Quick, Flexible Online Counseling Options Offered During COVID-19

Greensboro, NC. September 14, 2020 —Thriveworks Counseling opens its newest office in Greensboro, NC to provide crucial mental health help and support during the pandemic. Currently, the office offers telephone counseling and video counseling session; they hope to open for in-person sessions soon. Thriveworks Counseling isn’t like other counseling practices….

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