• The law of assumption states that, by believing the thing you want already exists in your life, you’ll manifest it into existence.
  • The law of assumption is a positive thinking tactic created by Neville Goddard as a method of reframing one’s outlook. By expecting success and good things, success and good things come to you. 
  • Adopting this mindset can help you gain confidence and allow you to have a more positive outlook on the events of your life.
  • People can use the law of assumption to manifest nearly anything, such as a new car, good health, success at work, or new relationships.

Goal setting and motivational practices are great ways to spur self-improvement, but what if there was something even easier that could help you get what you want in life? 

The law of assumption is just about the simplest strategy for creating life opportunities: You just have to believe it! There’s actually a bit more to it than just belief, but the law of assumption states that if you want something badly and convince yourself that you will have it, you’ll manifest it into existence.

What Is the Law of Assumption?

The law of assumption works by essentially attracting good things to you, similarly to the law of attraction, by assuming that whatever you want is already within your grasp. Begin acting as if you already have the thing you want—believe and feel it within yourself—and before long, it really will be true. One way to think of it is to believe that the glass is half full, not half empty.

This mindset was developed by Neville Lancelot Goddard as a positive thinking tactic. It can seem to be part luck and part mentally reframing. A portion of its framework takes the stance that, if we focus on being positive, positive outcomes are simply more likely to occur. Recently, many people have adopted “manifesting,” a viewpoint essentially the same as the law of assumption in practice.

However, the strategy helps people reframe their thoughts, shifting from a negative or pessimistic outlook to a positive one. The idea is that looking for negative outcomes begets negative outcomes, but expecting positive outcomes can show the same facts in a new light. It also gets rid of the barrier of self-doubt, allowing you to act with utter confidence in your life, which can also help foster success.  

You can apply the law to any desires, wishes, or aspirations, using it to be successful in any aspect, whether it be love, money, housing, jobs, or any other “wants” you have in your life.

How Does the Law of Assumption Work? How to Practice Law of Assumption

In a way, the law of assumption does make positive outcomes more likely to occur, since, when positive outcomes are expected, you might perceive an outcome in a more positive way than you would’ve when you were thinking more negatively.

One of the biggest tenants of making the law of assumption effective is fully shifting your mindset into positivity—you need to truly believe that what you want is actively happening. This belief is needed to support all of the good things you bring in. Without fully committing, it can’t be effective because your outlook on yourself and the world hasn’t truly changed.

Something that can help to get you in the right state of mind for living by the law of assumption is positive affirmations. Integrating little compliments to yourself into your day, week, or month can have a great affect on your confidence and belief in yourself. For example, telling yourself things like, “I am capable,” “I am magnetic,” or “I am strong” on a daily basis can help turn those law of assumption affirmations into facts that you wholeheartedly believe.

It can also be helpful to simply observe your inner monologue and notice what your everyday thought patterns look like. It’s easy not to see negative or self-destructive thought patterns sometimes, as they usually develop over time and can be a result of conscious or subconscious thoughts. Noticing these patterns and working to change them can be extremely helpful in believing in your desires.

Law of Assumption Examples

The law of assumption can work for goals in any area of your life, so there are unlimited ways you can use it for manifesting desires. However, here are some examples of things people might commonly use the law of assumption for:

  • Relationships (platonic or romantic)
  • A new house
  • Work success
  • Money
  • Good health
  • Dream car

By assuming that these things exist in your life already, you can end up making room in your life for them, whether that be saving money or perhaps working confidently. It can also change how you look at yourself, such as with your health. When before you saw yourself as unhealthy and may have had a hard time looking in the mirror, by assuming that you are the healthy person you’ve always wanted to be, it can help you practice self-love and acceptance by seeing yourself differently. 

There are still practices that may need to be implemented alongside these new beliefs in order to practically prepare for your success. However, there are certainly benefits to trying to maintain a positive outlook on your life through the law of assumption.