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How-to boost creativity: 3 tips (Video)

Looking to boost your creativity? Implement these 3 tips:Read: Life Coaching 101 One, listen to music that makes you happy. In a recent study published by PLOS One, participants completed creative exercises while listening to music that evoked happy, calm, sad, or anxious feelings. The research team found that participants…

The game Minecraft can boost creativity (Video)

Good news for anyone who’s ever been criticized for playing too many video games: virtual building games like Minecraft can boost creativity. This, from researchers at Iowa State University.   Researchers split 352 participants into four groups: one group played Minecraft with specific instructions; another played Minecraft without instructions; and…

What Makes a Person Creative?

Are you someone who struggles to create and be creative? For some, creativity and artistic expression seems like something that…well other people are good at. And yet most of us feel an urge to create and express ourselves. So why is this so difficult? Note that creativity is not something…

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