How to have a creative renaissance! (Even when you have artistic burnout. And kids. In a pandemic. When everything is awful.)

Stress, poor sleep, and a shortage of alone-time can all be creativity killers–and it’s a rare artist who doesn’t feel stuck, frustrated, or burnt-out right now.  But the creative brain is characterized by its ability to widen its perceptual field and invite new experiences. The creative brain draws meaning from…

One beer might be too much to drive safely (Video)

Drinking even a small amount of alcohol, like one pint of beer, can significantly impair our driving abilities. Researchers from the University of Sussex question the current legal limit. Study participants drank a cocktail containing enough alcohol to keep them within the legal limit for driving. These doses were equivalent…

Depression, suicidal ideation, drug use, and alcohol abuse are increasing among US adults entering midlife

New research found that middle aged US adults are experiencing rising feelings of despair, indicated by increases in depression, suicidal ideation, drug and alcohol abuse. A drop in US life expectancy was seen in 2016 and explained by an increase in deaths among middle-aged white individuals in rural areas due…

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