How to have a creative renaissance! (Even when you have artistic burnout. And kids. In a pandemic. When everything is awful.)

For every Taylor Swift flourishing artistically during the pandemic, there are millions of suffering and burnt-out people who aren’t composing songs or painting portraits or writing novels. What have they been doing instead? Well, if they’re anything like me, they’ve been drowning in domestic labor, work, anxiety, childcare, and other…

Binge drinking is dropping significantly among college students in states where marijuana is legalized

A new study says binge drinking rates among college students are dropping significantly in states where marijuana is legalized. Researchers looked at data from seven different states and 135 colleges where marijuana was legalized by the year 2018 as well as 41 states and 454 colleges where recreational marijuana use…

Depression, suicidal ideation, drug use, and alcohol abuse are increasing among US adults entering midlife

New research found that middle aged US adults are experiencing rising feelings of despair, indicated by increases in depression, suicidal ideation, drug and alcohol abuse. A drop in US life expectancy was seen in 2016 and explained by an increase in deaths among middle-aged white individuals in rural areas due…

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